10 Easy Fall Sewing Projects

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Autumn is a beautiful season. There are a lot of things that can be made to decorate your home during fall; pumpkins, pinecones, maple leaves and more.


10 Easy Fall Sewing Projects



Not many sewing projects are available for fall, apart from the various pumpkin patterns. I did have to do a little bit of research on the internet to find and shortlist the good ones. I have put these patterns together in this round-up post. They are all easy, quick and fun to sew. Now, you can spice up your home and celebrate fall with these ten easy sewing projects.

Easy Sew Fabric Pumpkins



Easy Sew Fabric Pumpkin from Kippi at Home.com

Make a set of groovy pumpkins from thrift store shirts. Inexpensive and easy to put together, this is a fun decorating project you will love!

Easy to Sew Fabric Bin



Easy to Sew Fabric Bins from The Birch Cottage.com


This is a beautiful storage basket, to display your pinecones for fall. This is a sewing tutorial which can be whipped up quickly. It is also a project, which can use up your fabric scraps.

Apples to Apples Mug Rug

Apples to Apples Mug Rug from Sharon Holland Designs.com


This is a small and quick fall sewing project, that can use up your scraps. Cute and useful, these can make perfect handmade gifts for your loved ones!


Autumn Acorn Banner



Autumn Acorn Banner from Crafting Cheerfully.com


Make something different this autumn, make this acorn banner! This wool acorn banner is typical of autumn. This tutorial uses leather cording and brass grommets to make the banner, a perfect autumn decor!


Easiest Ever Fall Wreath



Fall Wreath by Home Talk.com


Fall decoration is incomplete without a fall wreath. Make this scrappy wreath easily with just burlap ribbon, leaves, and a wreath form. This is again a no-sew project, but it is fun with delightful results!


Fall Cape for Girls



Fall Cape from Fleece Fun.com


Make this fall cape for your little girl and let this be her favorite this autumn. This cape is perfect for giving her enough warmth, without being too much. The cape comes with a hood, which makes it even more desirable.


Color Block Candy Corn Pillow



Candy Corn Pillow from Positively Splendid.com


This is again a quick-sew project for fall. These pillows involve just straight line stitches and are perfect for a beginner seamstress.


The Infinity Scarf



Infinity Scarf from Martha Stewart.com

Infinity scarves are a wardrobe staple for fall. These infinity scarves are very quick and easy to sew, even for a beginner seamstress. They make perfect handmade gifts too.


Plaid Flannel Fall Tote Bag

Plaid Flannel Fall Tote Bag from Orange Bettie.com

This flannel tote bag is the perfect accessory for your fall outfit. This bag design has leather corded handles and plaid fleece fabric, which gives it the perfect classic look.

Girl’s Ruffle Top



Girls’ Ruffle Top from It’s Always Autumn.com

My round-up post would be incomplete without a girl’s top for fall! This is a cute ruffle top which keeps her warm, yet stylish. Best to be paired with her jeans.

So come on, spruce up your home and welcome fall with these easy fall sewing projects!

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