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Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

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This free plaid fabric pumpkin pattern is something you would surely love for Fall- learn how to sew them in minutes with this easy DIY tutorial.



Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern



Fabric pumpkins are a must-have for Halloween, aren’t they? They are great for decorating your home if you would like a rustic look. Of course, you could easily buy it from the shops but these plaid fabric pumpkins are so lovely, you can’t just stop at making just one.



Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern



I am feeling a bit tired and lazy today. I don’t feel like sitting in front of the machine. But, I had decided to do a free plaid fabric pumpkin pattern weeks ago and I am done cutting the fabric and the wooden pieces.


That’s when I thought of hand-sewing the pumpkins. I could just do it sitting on my couch or my bed. It was so easy, I could just finish it in just a few steps. Well, you can sew it by machine too!



Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern



With Fall almost here, I don’t seem to get enough of pumpkins around my home. A few weeks back, I had made a fall pillow with pumpkin applique and here I am back with another pumpkin-based sewing project,  the DIY fabric pumpkin.


I love plaid fabrics and I love choosing them for my holiday sewing projects. These pumpkins in plaid fabric look so much like Fall! Just arrange them with cones, twigs, lanterns, and other fall décor to bring in the spirit of the beautiful season.


Plaid Pumpkin Pattern



These cloth pumpkins are so versatile that you can make them in different colors, fabrics, and sizes. You can make a number of them to decorate your dinner table or arrange them along the window to welcome your guest during Fall. Here I have also made a few in brighter colors as a handmade gift for my friend.




This tutorial on how to make fabric pumpkins is so easy that almost any beginner with no crafting or sewing experience can make it in minutes.


I have used burlap twines for a more rustic look, you may replace it with embroidery floss if you like it. 


If you would love more sewing projects for fall, click on the picture below:




Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern


Materials Required:

Plaid fabric preferably orange, yellow, and green.


Small twig pieces, 2 to 3 inches long.


Polyfill fiber- according to the size of the pumpkin you are going to make.


Sewing notions.


Burlap twine- approximately- 1.5 to 2 yards.


Trims like rickrack, lace, or ribbons, 3 to 4 inches wide for the tendrils (optional).


Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

Gather your supplies


You can make the pumpkins in four different sizes. Cut your fabric pieces according to the dimensions given below.

* Please note that the measurements are in inches:



Small- 6W x 13L


Medium- 8W x 18L


Large- 10W x 24L


Extra Large- 15W x 40L



Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

Cut your plaid fabric according to the size you would like to make.



Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

Fold the fabric widthwise with the right sides together and aligning the edges.



Leaving 3/8- inch from the edge, start by sewing a few knots to hold the ends of the fabric together. Continue sewing a running stitch to sew it shut.


We get a  fabric tube with the top and bottom open. Next, we need to gather the top and bottom edges.



You will need at least four strands of the thread to prevent it from breaking. Thread your needle and sew a gathering stitch along one of the raw edges, leaving a long tail of thread, about 6- 7 inches long on both the ends.



Pull the thread on both sides and gather it to close the opening. Tie the threads tightly.



Turn the right side out. Gather the other open edge in a similar way. You can do this step even after stuffing the pumpkin.




Stuff the pumpkin with polyfill fiber.



Pull the thread to gather it and tie it tightly.



Take the burlap twine.


Wind it around the pumpkin, along the center, and tie it tightly in about two knots underneath. Leave about 4 inches of the twine on the other edge also.



This is how the upper part of the pumpkin would look.



Next, wind the twine again at right angles to the first.



Wind the twine two more times along the center of the first two to get 8 segments for the pumpkin. Tie the ends together and cut off the extra.




Turn over to the top. Apply hot glue along the center of the pumpkin.



Free Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Pattern

Press the twig piece over the hot glue firmly. Optionally you may tie pieces of rickrack or lace and your pumpkin is done.


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I hope by now you have learned how to make the fabric pumpkins. So come on, grab your notions, and fill up your home with these beautiful stuffed plaid pumpkins!

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Pym Mumford

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Super-cute idea and good, clear directions. I might stuff the pumpkins a bit fuller, and I might use a cinnamon stick (cut short) for the stem. Another idea might be to cut wide burlap into a leaf shape to attach beside the stem. The plaid is a wonderfully fitting pattern for the autumn--so cozy. Thank you!


Sunday 25th of September 2022

Thanks a million. I absolutely love pumpkin patterns. Love the fun and surprises!

Caron Small

Thursday 2nd of September 2021

I might be being thick (!) but I am struggling to decide whether your measurements for the fabric pieces are in centimetres or inches - please could you confirm the one you're using? I also don't see the link to the pattern but again I might be being dumb and missing it totally!! Thank you very much.


Sunday 25th of September 2022



Thursday 2nd of September 2021

The measurements given are in inches. There are no pattern pieces to download. All you need is to cut the piece referring to the given measurements.