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25 Sewing Projects for Christmas

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Brighten up your Christmas days with these easy and free sewing projects for Christmas. From Christmas garlands to Christmas pillows, here I have prepared a round-up post of 25 sewing patterns, that you can easily make to bring in the festive season.


Jingle bells are here again and it is high time you sew for Christmas. Searching for patterns to sew for Christmas can sometimes be as daunting as hunting for Christmassy things in stores.


You may sometimes feel that putting so much of your time and energy into sewing for the festive season is not worth it. Maybe you are looking for things that can you can sew easily and quickly but still look awesome for your home or for your loved ones.


Christmas Sewing Patterns


Here I have compiled 25 awesome sewing projects for Christmas, that are easy and quick to sew.  They are great to jazz up your home or as handmade gifts for your loved ones. With these easy and quick projects, you can make sure that you have a homemade Christmas holiday.


25 Sewing Projects for Christmas


1. Hanging Kitchen Towel from


Hanging Kitchen Towel from


Make delicious towels for your kitchen this Christmas with this easy and fun sewing project. This hanging kitchen towel sewing tutorial will teach you to make towels that do not shift and fall off. They are also perfect to dress up your kitchen in style.


Make them in fabrics with Christmas prints to bring out the spirit of the joyous season. All you need is a store-bought kitchen towel, a small piece of velcro, some trims, and your regular sewing notions to make this towel.


2. Christmas Tree Cutlery Pockets


Christmas Tree Cutlery Pockets from


Learn how to sew these easy Christmas tree-shaped cutlery pockets to give color and flair to your dinner table. This is one of the sewing projects for Christmas that is easy to whip up and such it is a great handmade gift idea.


The tutorial comes with templates to make sewing easy and quick for any beginner seamstress. So come on, sew these Christmas tree cutlery pockets and let this Christmas be merrier than ever before!


3. Felt Christmas Ornaments



Felt Christmas Ornaments from


No Christmas celebration is complete without Christmas ornaments, right? And store-bought ones have become so common and boring these days. Now you can make these Christmas ornaments easily with help with the help of this sewing project.


 This DIY sewing tutorial will help you make a Christmas tree, snowman, candy cane, and a star ornament easily and quickly. These ornaments are easy to make and safe for your kids.


They are so easy and fun to sew that you can share the task with your kids. Choose vibrant colors to make your tree look brighter.


4. Scalloped ChristmasTree Skirt


Scalloped Christmas Tree Skirt from So Sew


Easy Christmas tree skirt pattern that can be done by a beginner seamstress. Simple and quick to work up, this sewing project is perfect to adorn your home for Christmas!


This Christmas tree has a scalloped design and comes with a downloadable template to make sewing a breeze for you.


5. Christmas Stocking


Christmas Stocking from Apple Green


This is again something that is an integral part of Christmas. You won’t find a single house without Christmas stockings during the festive season. Here is a sewing pattern that can give you double the value for your time and money.


This is a reversible Christmas stocking sewing project, that uses the most efficient way to use less fabric. This pattern is constructed with a non- foldable cuff and a reversible design. Use Christmassy fabric on both sides to get a two- in one stocking.


6.  Easy Santa Sack


Easy Santa Sack from


This is the prettiest Santa sack pattern you will find on the internet. This cute drawstring style bag with a cuff is perfect to put your Christmas gifts in.


This Santa bag gift sack sewing tutorial will help you sew a Santa bag without a pattern. This is a festive DIY Santa bag, perfect for displaying by your tree. This Santa sack is made of fleece. You can make it with different fabrics to suit different occasions.


7. Christmas Card Wall Organizer


Christmas Card Wall Organizer from


This wall organizer offers the right solution to clear the clutter in your drawers. It can be used to store not only your Christmas cards but also your envelopes, writing pads, pens, and even more.


Use up any scrap fabric and lace you have to whip up this useful organizer with this step by step sewing pattern even beginners can master.


8. Pom Pom Christmas Pillow


Pom Pom Christmas Pillow from Me Sew


This is one of my favorite sewing projects for Christmas. Easy and quick to whip up, this DIY pillow tutorial will help you adorn your home for Christmas without much effort. The tied bow along the pillow front makes it a unique design for your home.


Here this pillow is made in plain red fabric. Replace it with different Christmassy prints to add variety.


9. French Bread Basket


French Bread Basket from


This bread basket offers an elegant way to serve your bread. It can also serve as a perfect handmade gift idea for Christmas! It requires so little sewing that any beginner seamstress can do it as her starter project.


Once the season is over, you can untie the basket to make it flat which makes it easy for storage. This is a sewing project that can be used to make baskets that can be used year after year.


10. Cozy Cheater Christmas Quilt



Cozy Cheater Christmas Quilt from Polka Dot


Sew these cheater Christmas quilts for everyone you love using this easy sewing tutorial. This is a quilt pattern with a wide self- binding edge, which makes it look really nice.


This is a quilt sewing project, which is easier and quicker than an actual quilt yet sweet and comfy. This cheat quilt is a perfect choice if you are short of time.


11. Tomte Christmas Gnome Pillow


Tomte Christmas Gnome Pillow from Polka Dot


Appliqued pillows are a staple for Christmas almost every year. There is not another project that can bring in the spirit of the season more easily and cheaply.


Sew these Christmassy pillows with a gnome applique using this tutorial. These pillows are beautiful enough to decorate your home and can be awesome Christmas gifts too.


12. Christmas Hats from Old Sweaters


Christmas Hats from Old Sweaters from Make It and Love


If you are somebody like me, who doesn’t like to throw away old things and live a frugal style life, Here is something for you, some cute Christmassy hats from old sweaters.


This sewing tutorial recycles old sweaters to make cute Christmas themed hats for your little ones. Now you can watch them making merry, all through the Christmas season.


In this sewing tutorial, you will learn how to make a Santa hat, reindeer hat, and a snowman hat in minutes. This sewing tutorial is so easy that you can do it even if you are a beginner in sewing.


13. Felt Christmas Gnome


Felt Christmas Gnome by Skip to My


This felt Christmas gnome is a fast and a festive gift idea. Make one or an army of gnomes to brighten up your holiday. You can make a few changes in the template to make it in different sizes.


You can make a small one to adorn your Christmas tree or make it in a large size to use as a gnome pillow. All you need are some red, green, and white felt pieces, some polyfill fiber, and your sewing notions to make this DIY Project


14. Pillow Ornaments for a Kid-Friendly Christmas Tree


Pillow Ornaments from Crafting


Learn how to sew fun-filled pillow ornaments to brighten up your Christmas tree in minutes. These pillows are easy and quick to sew and they are great to create a kid-friendly Christmas tree.


The square design helps to put together the pillow ornaments quickly, without much of a hassle.


15. Christmas Pot Holders


Christmas Pot Holders from Coral and


Potholders are my favorites when it comes to gifting someone. They are useful gifts that last for a long time. Made in Christmas prints, they are great as handmade gifts too.


Sew these quilted potholders as last-minute gifts for someone you love and watch their eyes twinkle. These are easy and quick to sew and all you need are some leftover fabric scraps.


16. Simple DIY Christmas Pillows



Simple DIY Christmas Pillows from Make It and Love


Worried over what to sew for Christmas? Well, here is something simple you can try, the Christmas pillow. Now you can add something cute to your holiday décor using this easy DIY Christmas pillow sewing pattern.


They are quick and simple to make and they also add the perfect touch of holiday cheer to your couches, sofas, and armchairs.


17. DIY Christmas Fabric Pennant Banner


DIY Christmas Fabric Pennant Banner from Coral and


No festive season is complete without a festive banner right? Here is the easiest banner you can try, the pennant banner. Use colorful fabrics to bring in the festive feel.


This is one of the sewing projects for Christmas, that is super easy to make. There are just a few steps for making it and you can pick fabrics to sew colorful banners for everyone you love.


18. Fat Quarter Christmas Pillow


Fat Quarter Christ Pillow from Heather


Get into the holiday spirit with this simple pillow tutorial with French seams. These pillows are so festive and so easy to make that they are just right for the Christmas season.


19. Christmas Gift Card Holder


Christmas Gift Card Holder from Apple Green


This Christmas gift card holder is so easy that even a beginner sewist can make it in minutes. This is a  scrap buster project and all it needs are some Christmas themed scraps, a small piece of stiff interfacing, and about a half yard of ribbon.


This sewing pattern for the Christmas card holder comes with a downloadable template, which makes sewing all the more easier. This is an easy and fun tutorial you will enjoy making!


20. Felt Christmas Light Garland


Felt Christmas Light Garland from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty


This is a sewing tutorial that will help you make garlands that are fun to hang in your kid’s room. This is so easy a sewing project that even your kids can help you make it.


21. Santa Apron Tutorial


Santa Apron Tutorial from Crazy Little


Christmas time is baking time and all we ladies need cute aprons to wear while we work in our kitchen. This fun Santa apron is just what we are looking for.


Sew this Santa apron to have fun while baking cookies for Christmas. This is a lovely apron that looks like Santa’s suit. Cute, simple, and festive, this would also make a great gift for someone who loves to bake.


22. Christmas Braided Wreath


Christmas Braided Wreath from Peekaboo


No Christmas decoration is complete without a Christmas wreath, right? Well, this wreath pattern is again one of my favorite sewing projects for Christmas.


I love the way the designer braids fiber filled fabric tubes to make this beautiful wreath. You can sew this for Christmas using Christmas themed fabrics or change the fabrics to sew for different occasions.


23. Reversible Pocket Placemats


Reversible Pocket Placemats from


We all love to set our dinner table in Christmassy themes and in style while we dine with our family and friends. Here is an adorable two- in- one placemat that will help you do so, the reversible placemat with cutlery pocket.


Use this easy sewing project to sew Christmas themed placemats for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones. This tutorial comes with a cutlery pocket on the sides, which will help you set your dinner table neatly and in style.


24. Christmas Pajamas


 Christmas Pyjamas from Sweet Red


This pajama pattern is designed with a fitted cuff for the legs. These pajamas can look great on yourself and your little boy or girl.


These pajamas are designed for knits for great fit and comfort. Sewn-in Christmassy prints, they can be great holiday gifts too.


25. Christmas Dress Tutorial

Christmas Dress Tutorial from Melly

This is a beautiful Christmas dress sewing pattern, with a bubble skirt part, a lined bodice, and a puff sleeve. This dress can be completed in a couple of hours and as such, it is perfect for last-minute seamstresses out there.


So, here I am with the 25 Christmas sewing projects that can make your DIY Christmas decorations and gifts easy and fun!


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