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Christmas Tree Cutlery Pocket, Sewing Tutorial

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Christmas season is here and along with it comes the gifts season. What more can you give your loved ones than these pretty hand- made Christmas tree cutlery holders? These cutlery holders are so cute and lovely to adorn your Christmas table. Given the templates, a number of them can be sewn quickly and easily for yourself or as Christmas gifts. You can use up your fabric scraps in your leftover stash to make these holders.

Download the cutlery holder template here.

Materials Required

1) Fabric scraps for the main piece and the pocket.

2) Medium-weight fusible interfacing like Pellon.

3) Lace, ricrac or satin ribbon for embellishment (optional)

4) Sewing Notions.

Take the fabric scraps and the interfacing.


Cut the templates for the main and pocket pieces. Place the templates on the fabric scrap, mark and cut around it to get two each of the main and the pocket pieces.

 You will get your main and pocket pieces like the above.

Next, we need to cut the interfacing for the main and pocket pieces.

5) Draw a line 3/8-inch from the edge of the main pattern piece, all around. Cut along the line, to make the template smaller for the interfacing. Repeat with the pattern piece for the pocket.

Use the pattern pieces to cut the interfacing for the main and the pocket pieces.

Take one of the main pieces and the corresponding interfacing and place the interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, leaving 3/8-inch all around (picture for illustration purpose). Fuse the interfacing onto the fabric, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat with one of the pocket pieces and the corresponding interfacing piece.

Fold the top edge of both the pocket pieces towards the wrong side by 1/2-inch and press to set.

At this point, you may sew your trims like ric-rac or lace for embellishment (optional).

We need to join the two pocket pieces together.


Take the two pocket pieces and layer them, with the wrong sides together and aligning the edges (make sure that the embellished piece comes on top, if you opt for one). Sew around the edge, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.


Next, place the pocket on the right side of one of the main pieces (on which the interfacing is attached), aligning the edges.


Place the other main piece, face down on the layer, again aligning the edges. Sew around the edges, leaving a gap of around 2-inches to turn the holder inside-out.


Clip the corners and notch out the curves.

Turn the holder inside-out through the opening.


Pull it taut, poke the corners out and press to make it neat and crisp. Fold the raw edge of the opening inside while pressing. Top-stitch around the edge and our holder is done!

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Sharing is caring!

Phyllis Bull

Saturday 5th of September 2020

How do I get pattern to print in full page?


Sunday 6th of September 2020

You may change the printer settings to a different percentage of page scaling instead of the " actual size".