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Easy Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern

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Make delicious hand towels for your kitchen with this easy and fun sewing project. This hanging dish towel sewing pattern will teach you to make towels that do not shift and fall off.  They can hang over an oven handle or towel bar and can be made any desired length. They are a great way to spruce up your kitchen decor and you can break into your scrap fabric to make the easy towel topper. These also make great gifts.




These hanging kitchen towels are a super fun way to add some color to your kitchen. This homemade hand towel takes just basic sewing skills and is a simple project you can complete in about 15 minutes or so.





This hanging hand towel sewing pattern is designed with a velcro fastening, which makes it very easy for on and off. You can do away with the lace and rickrack altogether to make a very quick- sew kitchen towel.


I had so much fun making these towels that I made a number of them in one sitting.


Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern

Supplies Needed:

This hanging kitchen towel has an upper towel holder, on which the towel is attached to prevent it from falling off. The lower part is the dish towel with slight embellishments.


Dish Towel- Here I have used a new towel 12- inches wide and 28 inches long (this can suffice for two towels).


Medium- weight cotton Fabric in a desired print and color for the towel holder- 1/3- yard (this again can suffice for two towels).


Medium- weight fusible interfacing- One small piece.


Rickrack in a coordinating color- 1/3 yard.


Cotton lace- 1/3 yard.


Velcro- 2 sets of pieces, 2.5-inches long.


Sewing Notions.



Gather your supplies.

Let’s first cut the towel holder pieces that form the top of your dish towel.




Cut two pattern pieces, 12- inches long and 7.25 -inches wide from the cotton fabric. Also cut one piece, 11.25- inches long and 6.5 -inches wide from the interfacing.



Take one of the cotton pieces and place the interfacing centered on the wrong side of the fabric. Fuse the interfacing to the fabric with a hot iron, following the manufacturer’s instructions.



Fold the two shorter edges of the fused piece by 3/8 – inch towards the wrong side and press to set.



Repeat on the other piece.

We need to attach the Velcro.



Place the two velcro pieces, about 1/2-inch from the edges and pin. Repeat with the complementary pieces of velcro on the other side. Sew around the edges of the velcro pieces to secure it to the towel holder.


We need to join the two pieces of the towel holder together.



Layer the two towel holder pieces with the right sides together. Align the edges and pin along the long side, keeping the folds along the edges intact.



Sew along the pinned edges to join.



Clip the corners.



Turn over to the right side.



Press the edges flat, carefully avoiding the Velcro.



Topstitch along the two long edges and sew one of the shorter edges shut, as marked above.



Take the store-bought towel and cut it into two halves, widthwise.

The width of the cut towel should now become the length of the new hanging towel. So, we need to finish the raw edge of the towel.



Fold the raw edge by ½ inch twice, towards the wrong side and press.



Sew down the fold.



Cut the rickrack and the lace, slightly longer than the width of the towel.



Fold the two edges of the lace and sew it down to finish the edges.



Place the lace under the fold along the edge of the towel and sew it down to secure.

Let’s attach the rickrack.



Place the rickrack along the hem at the bottom of the towel, above the lace and pin all along. Keep the two raw edges of the rickrack folded while pinning.



Sew the rickrack to the towel.

We need to gather the upper edge of the towel.



Cut the hem along the upper edge off, with your scissors.

Turn the upper thread tension of your machine to zero and stitch length to the longest.



Sew a basting stitch (gathering stitch) along the raw edge at the top of the towel, leaving a long tail of thread 5-6 inches long to gather the towel. Pull the thread from the bobbin and gather the towel.



Adjust the gathering to make it uniform and to match the open edge of the holder. Insert the upper edge of the towel into the opening by 1- inch and pin all along.



Top stitch along the edge of the holder, sandwiching the raw edge of the towel in between its edges.



We are done!

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J. Wiebe

Saturday 5th of December 2020

If this hanging towel is to be hung on an oven door, I would make it shorter, so that when the oven is open, it is not hanging on the floor.


Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Is there a way to print off just your patterns without printing all of the ads? You have so many good ones! Thanks


Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Thank you! Most of my patterns are available in PDF format for a small price but not his one. I am sorry :(

Charleen Alves

Monday 15th of June 2020

How to get the pattern for the place mats


Monday 15th of June 2020

Find the placemat pattern here,