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25 Cricut projects for beginners

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Are you new to learning how to create using your Cricut machine? There are so many fun Cricut projects for beginners that you can start with! All you need is a little bit of time and patience to easily make these starter Cricut crafts! You’ll be advancing from a beginner to a pro in no time at all! 


Christmas Projects for Beginners


Using your Cricut machine to make projects is such a fun feeling. There’s just something so wonderful about using your hands and your creativity to make your visions come to life. 

I’ve gathered up 25 Cricut machine projects for beginners that I think you’re really going to enjoy. They’re all a bit unique from one another but should still be easy enough that even someone who is just starting to use the Cricut can do. These are fun and simple and are great for home use or even as gift ideas, too. 


If you would love to make an awesome tissue box holder with your Cricut machine, click on the picture below:


Tissue Box Holder DIY


25 Cricut Projects for Beginners


  1. DIY Doormat



This doormat is the perfect way to greet your guests and welcome them into your home. 

2. DIY I Love School T-shirt



Love school? Or know someone who does? Give this great shirt that you can easily design. 

3. Faux Leather Key Fob



Never lose your keys again with this simple key fob. It’s a great way to build your confidence using your Cricut maker. 


4) Christmas Glitter Ornaments



You can never have too many ornaments for the tree. Save some money at the store and make your own instead! 


5) Valentine Tic Tac Toe Bags



These are such a cute prop for Valentine’s Day! Easy to make and certain to turn heads. 

6) Cricut Shirt



How fun is it that you can use your Cricut to create some of the cutest and most unique T-shirt designs? 


7) Farmhouse DIY Hello Sign



If you love farmhouse decor, this is a great DIY sign for you! Easy to make and looks great as well. 


8) “Thanks, a Latte” Card



Send someone you love a handmade card. And who doesn’t love puns?! 


9) Halloween Ghostbusters Succulent



Add this to your list of Halloween must-haves this year. And the best part? You’re making it all yourself! 


10) Feather Wall Decor



Spruce up those bare walls by giving them a fun look! These added feathers are going to be a great way to create a really cool focal point. 


11) DIY Bathroom Farmhouse Wood Sign



Having a fun sign in your bathroom is never a bad idea. 


12) DIY Christmas Gift Tags



Stop buying those gift tags at the store and make up your own instead. These are so easy and perfect for the holiday season. 


13) Monogrammed Frame



Showcase your pictures of your loved ones with this fun frame idea. 

14) Personalized Face Masks



Since we’re living in the world of face masks, why not make ones that you know are yours? 


15) Christmas Potholder



Add this to your gift idea this holiday season! Making your own designs on potholders is a lot of fun. 

16) S’mores Caddy



If you eat s’mores, you need your own personalized s’more caddy. Period. 


17) Personalized ID Badge



Never lose track of your items ever again with this ID badge. It’s a simple and smart way to keep track of your stuff. 


18) Hugs and Kisses Coasters



Add some fun items to your living room with these cute coasters! 


19) Workout Tank Top 



If you’re a fan of working out, make your own tank top to help keep you motivated. 


20) DIY Stickers 



Make up and design your own stickers! So much fun! 

21) Farmhouse Disc Wood Ornaments

These ornaments are certain to look so good on your Christmas tree. They also make great gifts, too. 

22) Starbucks Christmas Cup



Never leave home without your very own Starbucks cup, that you actually created! 


23) 3D Mandalas 



These are just the coolest. And yes, you can even make these when you’re a beginner as well. 


24) Welcome Grapevine Wreath 



Hang up this fun wreath on your front door to greet all your family and friends. 


25) Mickey Buffalo Plaid Centerpiece 


Are you a Disney fan? If so, you’re not going to want to miss out on making this fun centerpiece for your next gathering. 

I told you that I’d gathered up 25 Cricut projects for beginners! They’re all unique and fun to make and certain to have you hooked and wanting to create even more! 

Which of these Cricut projects for beginners are you going to make first? 

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Christmas Projects for Beginners

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