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Easy Cricut Project for Halloween (Ghostbusters Succulents)

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This is an easy Cricut project for Halloween that any beginner can try. You can use this DIY Cricut project to decorate your home for Halloween or make personalized gifts for your loved ones.


Easy Cricut Project for Halloween


Do you want a quick Halloween home décor or a handmade gift for your loved one? Here is one easy and cute DIY Cricut project you can try, the ghostbusters succulents. 


Whatever decoration you have in your home, adding a few potted greenery gives a brighter, cheerful appearance to the space. They emit a lot of positive energy, which is much needed in today’s times.


Easy Cricut Craft for Halloween


Succulents are my favorites among the indoor plants. I almost always buy those live ones. But let me be frank, I don’t know how to take care of them and they die within a few days after I put them up.


The solution, shift over to faux succulents. They are almost as beautiful but they don’t need the care as the live ones.


The tradition of giving handmade gifts to your loved ones for Halloween or any other festival has been in practice from time immemorial. And, if you can give them personalized gifts, it is surely something they would love.



Easy Cricut Project for Halloween


This is a beautiful Halloween themed ghostbuster potted faux succulent which is very easy to make.


This simple vinyl Cricut project has two beautiful fonts for Halloween. You can use your Cricut machine to cut the font in vinyl. These fonts along with the ghost logo, help you bring the spirit of Halloween into your homes.


This easy Cricut craft tutorial is great for a beginner, who has just started working on Cricut projects as there are not many complex steps involved.


This ghostbuster succulent project can be made as a keepsake DIY gift that can be used for years. They don’t wear or tear easily and can stand the test of time. They are also a good choice if you are somebody in need of Cricut ideas to make and sell!


If you would like to see my round-up post for 21 and more DIY and craft projects for Halloween, click on the picture below:


Easy Cricut Project for Halloween (Ghostbusters Succulents)


Materials needed:


 12×12 sheet oracal vinyl 651 black


Oracal vinyl 651 red sheet in the same dimension as above.


Transfer tape sheet in the same dimension as above.


2  oui yogurt jars (you can use any jars in similar size).


1 small container white chalk acrylic paint.


1 paintbrush.


2 faux cactus succulents (


Potting soil or rocks.


1 sheet of white cardstock.




1 hot glue stick.


1 lollipop stick.


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Easy DIy Cricut Project

Wash and clean oui jars. Paint the jars white. Let dry. You will need to put two coats on these.



Place the files into Cricut design space. You will not need to mirror the image as you are using adhesive vinyl. Make the file less than 2 inches in height. This is what will fit the oui jar.


Place the vinyl on a blue mat with its shiny side up. Use the fine- point blade, set to vinyl setting, and cut. Once cut, weed the design. For the ghostbuster specifically, it will need to be 1 inch in height to fit right around the jar.


Easy Cricut Project for Halloween

Once the jars are dry. Take the weeded design, cut a piece of transfer tape in almost the same size as the design.



Easy Cricut Project for Halloween

Remove the backing from the transfer tape and place transfer tape over the design, with the sticky side facing down. Using the scraper, rub the design over the front and back of the design to eliminate any creases. Then, starting from a corner, peel back the transfer tape. Go slow and be sure that the design adheres to your transfer tape.


Press this to the oui jar and smooth it down with your scraper, again to eliminate any creases.


Peel back the transfer tape slowly so that the design sticks to the jar.


Once the designs are on both jars add potting soil or rocks to the jar. Fill to the top. Add in a faux succulent.


For the ghost logo, follow the process above but then place the red ghost on white cardstock and trim all the way around with scissors. Hot glue this to the lollipop stick.


Add this to one of the jars.


So, our ghostbuster succulent is ready! Isn’t this the easiest Cricut project for Halloween that you have tried? let me know in the comment box below.


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