15 Blanket Sewing Patterns (Easy Sewing Projects)

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Looking for something to sew for winter? Then choose from these easy and cozy DIY blanket sewing patterns and get going. Each of these blankets is different and unique. You get to choose from 15 blanket sewing projects meant for babies and adults. There are blankets for boys and girls too!


So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of these patterns to sew blankets and bring in the feel-good cozy vibes this season!

15 Blanket Sewing Patterns

  1. Easy Fleece Blanket


Easy Fleece Blanket from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.com

This is the easiest blanket you can sew. Cut the fleece to the desired size, fold the edges and sew down using a zigzag stitch. Now you have a blanket to snuggle with or give as a gift!


2.  Reversible Fleece Blanket


Reversible Fleece Blanket from Sewcraftyme.com


Sew these easy reversible blankets with fleece to cuddle up on your couch in the colder months. Sew it plain for a quick- sew or add trim details to make it look vibrant. This is a very easy project, perfect for a beginner seamstress.


3. No-Sew Fleece Blanket


No- Sew Fleece Blanket from Adventures of a DIY Mom.com


This is a very easy double-sided blanket, which requires no sewing. Just layer two large fleece pieces, cut fringes around,  join them using an easy technique and you are done!


4. Reversible Baby Blanket


Reversible Baby Blanket from Sewcraftyme.com


Need a quick gift for a baby shower? Here is a reversible baby blanket you can whip up quickly. Just two rectangular flannel pieces, two easy stitches and you are done!


5. Self- Binding Minky Blanket


Self- Binding Minky Blanket from Make It and Love It.com


Make these cozy blankets for your little one to snuggle with while in the crib and watch him sleep better! This self- binding blanket is designed with plus- sign appliques which give it the store-bought feel.


6. DIY Animal Roll-Up Blanket


DIY Animal Roll- Up Blanket from Make It and Love It.com


Sew something for the little one in your life using this easy sewing tutorial. This animal roll-up blanket is easy and fun to whip up. They can be great as hand-made gifts too.


7. Upcycled T-Shirt Baby Blanket


Upcycled T-Shirt Baby Blanket from Polkadot Chair.com


Upcycle your’s or your little one’s old t-shirts to make a t-shirt blanket that is cozy and light at the same time. Use t-shirts of different colors and prints to sew a colorful one.


8. Reversible Hooded Baby Blanket


Reversible Hooded Baby Blanket from Sewcraftyme.com

Keep your little one warm and cozy with these reversible hooded blankets. Sew with cuddly fleece on both sides to keep your baby warm and cozy or replace fleece with cotton on one side to make a lighter and brighter blanket.


9. Patchwork Picnic Blanket Pattern


Patchwork Picnic Blanket Pattern from Polkadot Chair.com


Sew these waterproof blankets to be used on the ground like a traditional picnic blanket or on the top of a picnic table. Designed with a patchwork front and a vinyl backing, these blankets are great for your road trips!


10. No-Sew Stamped Blanket


Stamped Blanket from Swoodson Says.com


Follow this simple DIY tutorial and turn your boring fleece into stamped blankets using simple potato stamps and fabric paint. These blankets would make a quick DIY gift for teens and tweens too!


11. Star Wars Fleece Quilt


Star War Fleece Quit from Crafting Cheerfully.com


Make these reversible quilted blankets with the star wars droid pictures as a gift for your little handsome. This is a quilted blanket design that uses the no-sew star wars fleece throw kits from Joann’s store. The blogger gives directions to sew a blanket, large enough to cover a twin bed.


12. Ruffle Baby Blanket


Ruffle Baby Blanket from Coral and Co.com

Make cozy cuddly blankets for the little one in your life with this easy ruffle blanket sewing pattern. This pattern is designed with satin ruffle along the edge to make it cute and extra soft.



13. Diy Picnic Blanket


DIY Picnic Blanket from Crazy Little Projects.com


This blanket sewing tutorial is perfect if you want to sew one for your summer fun. They serve great if you want to make one to sit on at the park. The straps make it easy to roll it up and carry or store.


14. Watermelon Baby Blanket


Watermelon Baby Swaddle Blanket from Me Sew Crazy.com


Sew these baby swaddle blankets to wrap your little one in that fruity look or as gifts for baby shower gifts. These blankets with the watermelon design are one of its kind and are easy to sew.


15. Patchwork Blanket


Patchwork Blanket from Sewcraftyme.com


Are you worried about your fabric scraps mounting up? Then sew this cozy and colorful blanket to use up a bunch of your leftover scraps. This is a beautiful DIY blanket sewing pattern with a flannel backing. This blanket can also be used as a playmat and also to line your car seat or pram.

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