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How to Sew a Face Mask Pouch ( with Sanitizer Pocket)

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Learn how to sew a face mask pouch with this easy DIY sewing tutorial. This mask pouch comes with sanitizer pockets and a button strap and is perfect as a beginner sewing project.

Today I am here with yet another easy and useful sewing project for you, the mask pouch with sanitizer pockets. A few weeks back, I had come up with a sanitizer holder pattern with a button strap to fasten it to your handbags.


How to Sew a Face Mask Pouch


For a few days, I’ve been thinking of designing something much more useful, something that can carry your extra masks as well.


How to Sew a Face Mask Pouch


Many times we face situations where we need to spend long hours outdoors and our masks can become dirty and drenched with viruses, given the times we are facing today.


We often come across instances where we carry extra masks and it gets lost in our handbags. This face mask carry pouch is the perfect solution for these situations. You may carry your cloth masks or your disposable masks in them.


How to Sew a Face Mask Pouch


This design for the mask carry pouch is so easy and fun to make that you will love it and I am sure you will not stop at one!

You can even fasten it to your child’s backpack so that she can carry her extra masks and sanitizers while she goes to school.


How to Sew a Face Mask Pouch


I designed this pattern for how to sew a face mask pouch from the tissue holder pouches that we see all around. I redesigned it to carry face masks, added some pockets, and a little strap that fastens with a button. No keychains to be bought, no zippers to be sewn and the pouches can be made in minutes!


If you would like to see my face mask making tutorials, find them below:






How to Sew a Face Mask Pouch ( with Sanitizer Pocket)


Supplies Needed:

Medium-weight cotton fabric for the face mask pouch outer, lining, pocket, and strap- small scraps of fabric in the dimensions given below.

1 small button, wooden or plastic.

Sewing notions.


Gather your supplies.


You need to cut the following pieces:




  • Mask Pouch Outer, 10.25” W x 5.75” L


  • Pouch lining, 11.75” W x 5.75” L


  • Pocket, 10.25W x 8L


  • Strap, 2.25” W x 6” L


The above are measurements for a face mask pouch to keep face masks with 7” width x 4” length when kept folded in half. It should fit almost all face masks. If you need it to fit a larger or smaller face mask, change the dimensions slightly to suit your needs.


Cut your mask pouch outer, pocket, lining, and strap in the dimensions given above.


We first sew the strap.


Take the strap piece, fold one short edge, and the two long edges towards the wrong side by ½- inch and press. Fold the strap again in half  lengthwise and repeat pressing.
Sew the strap shut along the longer edge (picture for illustration purpose).



Take the pocket piece, fold it in half along the shorter edges, with the wrong sides together, and press to set.


Place the pocket on the right side of the mask pouch outer, with edges aligning and pin.


Next, place the lining piece above the layer, with the wrong side facing out and aligning the edges. You can see that the lining gets folded in the middle since it is longer in length.


Sew the three layers together along the two shorter edges.


Turn over to the right side and adjust the layer such that equal lengths of the lining extends on both the sides of the pouch. Press to make it neat and clean.


Next, fold it in half width-wise and hand press to form a crease along the center.


Sew a straight line along the crease, only on the pocket to create sections. Make sure to reinforce the stitches at the start and finish.


Let’s sew the strap to the pouch.


Place the raw edge of the strap on the upper end of the center crease and pin. Sew the strap to the pouch.


Next, fold one of the short edges of the pouch towards the right side, extending the center crease by ¼- inch and pin along the two raw edges.


Repeat with the other short edge of the pouch. The strap is now enclosed inside the folds of the pouch.


Sew the pouch shut along the two pinned edges.


Cut the corners with the help of your scissors.


Turn over to the right side, poke out the corners, and press.


Sew buttonholes following your sewing machine’s manual, ½-inch from the edge of the strap along its center. Hand sew a button at the back of the pouch for strap closure.


You may now insert your mask(s) through the front opening in the face mask holder pouch.


Turn over to the pouch back and use the pockets to carry your sanitizer bottles and your chapsticks as well!




Have a look at the webstory for Mask Pouch with Sanitizer Pocket Pattern here.

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