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Mask Pouch with Sanitizer Pocket Pattern

Learn how to sew a face mask pouch with this easy DIY sewing tutorial. This mask pouch comes with sanitizer pockets and a button strap and is perfect as a beginner sewing project.

Mask Pouch with Sanitizer Pocket

This design for the mask carry pouch is so easy and fun to make that you will love it

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Step 2

Take the strap piece, fold one short edge, towards the wrong side by ½- inch and press. .

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Step 3

 Fold the long edges by 1/2-inch and press again

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Step 4

Fold the strap again in half  lengthwise and repeat pressing. .

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Step 5

Sew the strap shut along the longer edge (picture for illustration purpose).

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Step 6

Take the pocket piece, fold it in half along the shorter edges, with the wrong sides together, and press to set.

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Step 7

Place the pocket on the right side of the mask pouch outer, with edges aligning and pin.

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