DIY Ear Saver for Face Mask (Easy Sewing Project)

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As you might have experienced, the elastic on masks can make your ears sore after wearing it for many hours. In fact many of our doctors, nurses, other health care workers, and even those in the police force who help us fight the pandemic need to wear it for more than 12 hours straight.





Here is a simple solution to help protect your ears from getting chaffed and painful while wearing the mask, the easy DIY ear saver tutorial! You can make them with your tiny leftover scraps and some buttons.


You can make them in different lengths to donate to hospitals, other institutions, and organizations where the staff is required to wear masks all day long.










These ear savers are so quick and easy to make that you can make them in minutes. I made about 50 numbers in different lengths to donate to my nearby hospital.






How to hand- sew a mask in 15 minutes.




DIY Ear Saver for Face Mask



Cutting and Sewing



Cut one rectangular piece of fabric, 6- inches wide and lengths as given below:

6- inches for a child.

8-inches for a small head size adult.

9- inches for a medium head size adult and

10- inches for a large head size adult.



Take the two buttons. They should be ¾- inch in diameter or more for it to hold the elastic.



Take the fabric piece, fold the two 6- inch sides towards the wrong side by ½- inch and press to set.



Fold it in half lengthwise and press to form a crease along the center.



Open and fold one of the two long edges towards the center crease and press to set.



Repeat with the other long edge.



Fold it in half once again and press to set.



Topstitch along the four edges.



Take your needle and thread it.



Hand- sew the buttons, 3/8- inch from the short edge of the ear saver. Repeat on the other edge with the other button.



Your ear saver for fabric masks is ready!





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  1. Barbara
    May 22, 2020 / 10:10 pm

    I think
    I have a lot of “ scrap material” , that length, to make these, ear savors ! I think it will be a fun project ! — where are they taken, after completed ?

    • Surayya
      May 23, 2020 / 8:56 am

      You may donate it to your nearby hospital. I gave them through one of my friends who is a nurse.

    • Surayya
      August 17, 2020 / 2:46 am

      No, there is no elastic used in this ear saver pattern.

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