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5 Minute DIY Face Mask from Paper Towel

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The Coronavirus has made face masks so important in our lives that none of us can step out of our homes without it. According to WHO reports, the disease would be around for at least 2 years and we will have to learn to live with it. We will have to be careful to wear protective masks and use sanitizers to prevent catching the virus and the spread of it.



With the surge in demand for face masks and the requirement for everyone to wear it, we are facing a shortage of masks all over the world. Almost everybody is trying to make face masks of their own for themselves or to donate to others.



I have made masks for the sewing community and no-sew masks with t-shirts. But here is a 5 Minute DIY Face Mask from a paper towel that anyone can make.  The fit and protection are great, you can add a filter in between and it is disposable. All you need is a paper towel, 2 hair ties, dried wet wipes, and some medical band-aid tape or washi tape. Of course these are items you can find in your home.



These masks are inexpensive and they have better filtration capacity compared to cloth masks. You don’t have to be an expert crafter to make the mask. Just a few folds and you are done! In fact, once I learned this technique, I have stopped making cloth masks and switched over to these easy masks that are disposable.





7 Minute no-sew face mask


5 Minute DIY Face Mask from Paper Towel


Materials Needed:

Paper towel.

*My paper towel was 12- inches long and 11 inches wide, which fit perfectly. You may use a smaller one or cut it into a smaller size if you have a small head size or if you are making it for a child.

Large rubber band or hair ties.

Kleenex tissue or other Wet wipes (dried).

Band-aid or washi tape ( In the absence of these two, you may use your staplers)



Gather your supplies.


Take the paper towel and fold it in half lengthwise, with the right side facing out.

Open the paper towel. Fold the Kleenex tissue in half and place it centered on one of the halves of the paper towel.

Fold it back, along the center crease.


Next, fold the paper towel again in thirds.


Open the upper fold. Fold the lower fold, in half, downwards.


Fold back the upper fold and once again fold it in half upwards.


Cut about 1.25- inch long piece of the band-aid.



Place it along the short edge of the folded paper towel and hand press neatly to secure the folds. Repeat on the other edge. This side with the slit is the inside of the mask.


Turn over to the outside of the mask and fold the shorter edges towards the outside by ½- inch.


Open the fold and place one of the hair ties inside the fold.


Fold back and secure the fold with the help of the band-aid.


Repeat on the other side. This is how the outside of the mask would look like.


If you are using staples, pin from the inside such that the sharp ends of the staples face the outside of the mask.


Optionally, if you would prefer ties instead of elastic, secure the folds with band-aid and insert the tie with the help of a safety pin. You may use fabric ties, satin ribbon, or strips cut from your old t-shirt for this. You will need two ties, 33- inches long.


Pull the flaps outward and your mask is ready for wear.







Sharing is caring!