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25 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas that are Easy

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Looking for last minute easy Halloween costume ideas? Then look no further- here are 25 awesome creative ideas that can help you make a Halloween costume at home. Whether you are a beginner DIYer or a master crafter, this easy DIY Halloween costume collection is sure to impress.


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From classic capes and hats to animal costumes and spooky creatures, we’ve got something for everyone.

No need to spend a fortune on store-bought costumes when you can make something unique and memorable at home. With our step-by-step guides and helpful tips, you’ll be able to create these costumes with ease.

You’ll also save money along the way, leaving you with more to spend on tasty treats and spooky decorations. So grab your glue gun, dust off your sewing machine, and get ready to impress your friends with these awesome DIY Halloween costumes!



1) DIY Frankenstein Costume from Heather Handmade


last minute halloween costume easy


Let’s start with an easy and quick Halloween project that any beginner can try. It is a simple DIY Frankenstein costume for Halloween using a free hat sewing pattern resembling the monster’s head. Gather green fabric and the free hat pattern.


Cut out the pieces and sew them together. Add facial features using felt. Pair the hat with a green shirt and black pants. Paint stitches on the face for an easy and adorable Frankenstein look. Happy Halloween!


  1. Cape-With-Hood Sewing Pattern


last minute halloween costume easy


Unleash your little girl’s enchanting charm with this delightful Hooded Cape Sewing Pattern, ideal for a captivating Halloween costume. The pattern features a double-sided cape that can be sewn using cotton fabric on both sides or a combination of fleece or corduroy on one side and cotton on the other.


Let her tame the heart of the wolf as she dons this easy-to-make, adorable cape that’s perfect for a magical Halloween adventure!

3. How to Sew a Witch Cape with a Rectangle of Fabric in 1 Hour


make halloween costume at home


Create a bewitching easy last minute Halloween costume with this quick and charming Witch Cape DIY project! Using only a single rectangle of fabric, you can sew a stylish cape in just one hour.


 This easy-to-make cape will instantly transform your little one into a captivating witch, making it the perfect choice for a last-minute Halloween look that’s sure to bewitch everyone around!


Paint spiders, spider webs and moles on your kid’s face with face for a more ferocious look.


  1. Free-Cloak-Sewing-Pattern


make halloween costume at home


Discover how to craft a cloak this free sewing pattern, perfect for creating a DIY Little Red Riding Hood costume. Select your desired fabric and gather necessary materials. Follow the step by step instructions to cut and sew the cloak together in a jiffy!


Enhance the costume with additional accessories like a basket and a red hooded cape for an enchanting and classic Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Embrace your inner fairy tale character and enjoy the Halloween festivities!


  1. How to Make a Tutu Skirt from


diy halloween costume easy


Learn how to create a charming and versatile tutu skirt with this step-by-step tutorial. Whether it’s for ballet, dress-up, pretend play, Halloween, or as a thoughtful gift for a little one, this DIY project is quick and easy.


Follow the instructions and craft a beautiful tutu skirt within minutes. Embrace the joy of making something special and watch your loved one twirl and play in this adorable skirt, adding a touch of magic to any occasion!


  1. DIY Bingo Costume from Heather Handmade


diy halloween costume easy


Discover how to craft a DIY Bingo costume using a sweatshirt and felt for a truly enjoyable Halloween outfit. This is an easy last minute Halloween costume that is both fun and practical, as all the materials can be easily found and the only sewing required is to attach ears and other pieces to the sweatshirt.


The accessories can be used by your kids beyond Halloween, while the sweatshirt can serve as a dress-up item or a cozy winter outfit. Unleash the creativity and excitement with this delightful and versatile costume idea!


  1. Cinderella Costume from Make it Love it


25 Last Minute DIY Hallowen Costume Ideas that are Easy


Transform your little one into a real-life Cinderella with this enchanting Halloween costume. The magical dress will instantly transport her to a fairy tale world, sparking joy and wonder.


With its delicate details and flowing elegance, this Cinderella dress is sure to put a smile on her face and make her feel like a true princess. Watch her twirl and play, as the dress fills her day with pure joy and enchantment!


  1. DIY Unicorn Costume from Craftaholics Anonymous


25 Last Minute DIY Hallowen Costume Ideas that are Easy


Delight your unicorn-loving little girl with this adorable DIY Unicorn Costume for Halloween. The costume is not only charming but also warm and comfortable—a rarity in handmade Halloween outfits.


This is again one of the last minute Halloween costumes that is cute, girly and whimsical, complete with a colorful mane and tail in beautiful pink and purple hues. Watch her imagination soar as she brings the magical unicorn to life on this special occasion!


  1. No- Sew Pineapple Halloween Costume from Delia Creates


25 Last Minute DIY Hallowen Costume Ideas that are Easy


Craft a delightful Pineapple Halloween Costume without any sewing required. This easy, no-sew costume idea is perfect for a quick and fun DIY Halloween project.


Gather your yellow and green felt and then follow simple instructions to assemble the pineapple design. Add green leaves to the hat for an authentic touch. Your little one will look sweet and tropical, standing out as the most adorable pineapple at any Halloween party!


  1. Robe from Heather Handmade



Discover how to create a Halloween costume robe with a free sewing pattern, perfect for crafting a Jedi Robe or a Harry Potter robe. Simply follow the pattern and instructions to bring these iconic characters to life.


Whether you’re a Star Wars enthusiast or a Harry Potter fan, this DIY project will help you achieve a detailed and authentic-looking costume robe. Embrace the magic of Halloween and let your imagination soar in these captivating outfits!


11) DIY No- Sew Frozen Cape from Skip to My Lou



If you want to craft a last minute easy DIY Halloween costume, this no-sew cape is the perfect choice. This is a magical No Sew Frozen Cape that can be made in just 15 minutes, or 30 minutes if you need to pick up felt from the store.


This easy DIY project requires no sewing and is perfect for Frozen-themed dress-up or Halloween costumes. Simply use felt and glue to create a beautiful cape inspired by the beloved characters from the movie Frozen. Your little one will be ready to embark on their own icy adventures in no time!


  1. DIY Fish Costume from Spoonflower Blog



Get ready to create a fin-tastic DIY Fish Costume for Halloween! With a free pattern and your favorite DIY materials, like hot glue, felt, foam, and custom fabric, you can craft a one-of-a-kind fish costume that won’t flop.


 Handmade Halloween costumes are a delightful way to add personal touches and create unforgettable memories. Dive into this creative project and watch your little one swim into a world of imagination and fun!


  1. Robin Costume DIY from Melly Sews



Unleash your superhero powers with this Batman and Robin DIY costume, complete with a free pants pattern! Create iconic costumes for both Batman and Robin using this simple and fun DIY guide.


Transform into the dynamic duo of Gotham City with these fantastic outfits. Whether for Halloween or dress-up play, these costumes will ignite imaginations and bring thrilling adventures to life. Get ready to save the day and have an unforgettable superhero experience!


  1. Wild Kratt Costumes from Mamamoose



Bring the exciting world of the Wild Kratts to life with these thrilling Wild Kratt costumes! Inspired by the beloved animated show, these costumes allow kids to transform into their favorite animal-loving adventurers, Chris and Martin Kratt.


Complete with creature power suits and gloves, these costumes will ignite their curiosity and passion for wildlife. Perfect for Halloween or imaginative play, the Wild Kratt costumes will have your little explorers ready for thrilling animal encounters!


  1. Halloween Hat Pack from Fleece Fun


Unleash your creativity this Halloween with the Halloween Hat Pack featuring free fleece hat patterns of Dinosaur, Cat, and Bear designs! Craft adorable and cozy hats for your little ones, inspired by their favorite characters.


With step-by-step instructions, making these hats is a breeze. Watch them roar, purr, and growl with excitement as they dress up in these fun and unique hats for a spooktacular Halloween adventure!


  1. Hooded Scarf with Animal Ears from Sewcraftyme



Get ready for an awesome Halloween by making your own animal ear hooded scarf! With our easy DIY sewing tutorial, you can create a scarf with cute cat, bear, and rabbit ears. It’s a perfect addition to your costume.


Just follow our simple steps and you’ll have a unique accessory for Halloween. Whether you’re prowling as a feline, lumbering as a bear, or hopping as a rabbit, this hooded scarf adds a touch of whimsy to your outfit. Get ready to impress everyone with this cool Halloween essential!


  1. Free Witch Hat Pattern from Sew Much Ado


If you would like to make a Halloween costume at home, try this DIY Witch Costume. Your little one would easily get into the Halloween spirit with this DIY Witch Costume, complete with a free Witch Hat pattern!


Craft a bewitching ensemble that’s both fun and easy to make. Use the free pattern to create a classic witch hat, and pair it with a black dress and some spooky accessories.


Watch as your little witch brings magic to the night, casting spells and spreading Halloween excitement. Get ready for a spooktacular adventure with this enchanting costume idea!


  1. DIY Marshmello Fortnite Costume from Heather Handmade



Unlock the world of Fortnite with this DIY Marshmello costume for kids! Utilize a Cricut Maker and sewing machine to create an effortless and easy last minute DIY Halloween costume. Follow step-by-step instructions to craft the iconic Marshmello look.


The joy of seeing your child transform into their favorite character will fill your heart with happiness. With a costume like this, your little one will be ready for endless adventures and imaginative play, making Halloween and beyond a memorable experience!


  1. Candy Button Costume from Make It Love It



Step back in time with a “Retro Candy Button” costume for Halloween! This creative DIY project will have you looking like a sweet treat from the past.


Craft colorful circles on a white dress or shirt using Styrofoam balls to resemble the classic candy buttons. Accessorize with a headband that looks like a label and you’ll be the sweetest sensation at any Halloween party. Get ready to bring nostalgic charm to the spooktacular festivities!


  1. Easy Lion Halloween Costume from A Night Owl Blog



Again looking for an easy last minute DIY Halloween costume? Then look no further, create a simple no-sew kids’ lion Halloween costume by using a t-shirt, yarn and black face paint. Your adorable lion costume is ready for trick-or-treating fun!


  1. DIY Paint Brush Halloween Costume from Dukes and Duchess



If you would like to be creative and make a Halloween costume at home, try this fun and easy DIY paintbrush Halloween costume for kids with very little materials.


On this exciting Halloween night, your young artist will be ready to show their creativity while going trick-or-treating, embracing their imagination and expressing themselves in a fun way!


  1. Corn Halloween Costume from Country Living




This DIY Corn Halloween costume is a surefire way to win Halloween! With its easy and comfortable design, it’s ideal for all ages. You can start with a long-sleeved T-shirt and a matching skirt, or adapt it for cooler weather by using a hoodie and leggings.


Embrace the corny fun and become the star of the Halloween party with this creative and adorable outfit!


  1. Milkshake Costume from Country Living



The Milkshake Costume is an extra sweet and delightful DIY Halloween outfit that is sure to be a hit at any party. Made with simple materials and a touch of creativity, you can transform yourself into everyone’s favorite beverage.


 Topped with whipped cream and a cherry headband, the costume completes the charming and mouthwatering look. Get ready to serve up some fun and sweetness this Halloween!


  1. DIY Mermaid Costume from See Kate Sew



Make a mermaid Halloween costume at home with this fun and easy DIY tutorial. You would need a Cricut Maker and a Cricut Easy Press to make this mermaid fabric for the costume. You can of course choose to use a store- bought mermaid fabric but making it yourself make it totally customizable.


Complete the look with a glittery star studded headband and your little mermaid is all set for Halloween party!


  1. DIY Cotton Candy Costume from Pretty Life Girls




Get ready to sprinkle some sweetness into Halloween with the DIY Cotton Candy Costume! This delightful homemade ensemble is perfect for kids, and you won’t believe how easy it is to create.


With simple materials and minimal cost, your little one will be the most adorable cotton candy around! Watch their eyes light up with joy as they twirl through the night in this charming and unforgettable costume. Happy crafting!


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DIY Halloween costumes (1)

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