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How to Make a Tutu Skirt

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Would you like to learn how to make a tutu skirt? It is an adorable skirt for ballet, dress-up, pretend play, Halloween party, or just because you would like to gift a little one you love! This tutorial with step-by-step instructions will help you make a DIY tutu skirt in minutes!


how to make a tutu skirt (3)


how to make a tutu skirt


This tutu skirt is perfect for newborns, babies, toddlers, and little girls. It is a must-have for newborn photos, birthday parties, everyday play, and most of all, photo shoots. I made these DIY tulle skirts in two gorgeous colors to make them cute and colorful. You can mix and match as many shades and colors as you want to make the skirts to suit your taste.


how to make a tutu skirt


This is a no-sew skirt and anyone including those who don’t know how to sew but would still like to make a skirt for their little ones can learn how to make it. Just hot- glue the ends of the elastic together, instead of sewing and you get an easy DIY no-sew tutu skirt ready.



The shorter you make the tutu, the more it will puff out. The longer you make the tutu, the more it will hang down. I have given the measurements for a short tutu to make it adorably fluffy! You can make it longer if you wish.

So, come on, let’s get started on how to make a tutu skirt from tulle.

How to Make a Tutu Skirt


You will need:

6” tulle rolls- Check out the table below for the number of yardages required.

1” elastic- requirements specified in table-1 below.

Measuring tape or ruler.

A large piece of cardboard to wrap the tulle.


Marking pen.

Hand sewing needle and thread or hot glue gun to sew the elastic shut ( you may use your sewing machine too)


Material Requirements:



DIY tutu skirt

Gather your supplies (here I have used two contrasting colors of tulle rolls).


Finished Lengths and Measurements:



DIY tutu skirt

Cut the cardboard to the length of the skirt required. If you are making a skirt that is 10- inches long, the length of the cardboard should be 10- inches. The width of the cardboard can be a little wider than the width of the tulle. Here I took it as 10- inches.


DIY tutu skirt

Start wrapping the tulle around the length of the cardboard.


Keep wrapping till you complete the required length of the tulle roll (refer table-1 ). Cut off if there is any extra.


Slide your scissors under the tulle layer and cut open the folds at one end only.


Your tulle pieces would have double the required length of the skirt, once open.


Cut the other tulle roll in a similar manner.


Let’s start making the tutu skirt.


Place the elastic around something that is wider and would give it a moderate stretch. Here I place it around the backrest of a chair. Take one tulle strip and tie it around the elastic, keeping the lengths equal on both sides.


Tie it once again to make it more secure.


Take the next piece of tulle in alternating color and tie it in a similar manner.


Keep tying the tulle strips in alternating colors, just next to each other, till there is no space left in the elastic. Lo, your tutu skirt is ready for wear!


You are all finished. Give the tutu to an adorable little girl and watch her smile!


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Sunday 4th of September 2022

Am I reading the needed yardage correctly? 50 yds for a 2 y.o. tutu?????


Monday 5th of September 2022

Please note that I have used tulle trips that are 6" wide and are available as 25- yard rolls. So, for a 2-year-old, you will need 2 rolls of tulle for a tutu skirt.