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21+ Easy and Cheap Halloween DIYs and Crafts

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Learn how to make easy and cheap Halloween DIYs and crafts with this tutorial round up. Almost all of these craft activities are made on a budget and are so easy that even your kids would like to get involved.



Halloween crafts and DIYs are fun and interesting. They often bring out the best of your creativity. Starting to make Halloween home decors and gifts early, set us into the spirit of the season, even before it arrives.


The internet is flooded with awesome ideas to spruce up the Halloween season. There are ideas for costumes, bags, wraps, hats, decors, and much more.


Here I have compiled 21 and more easy and cheap DIY ideas perfect for Halloween. These are craft projects that make your home perfectly creepy for the season. Most of these tutorials take just a handful of materials and are made on a budget.


These personalized DIYs would keep you well prepared to make your home décor or your Halloween gifts, eerie enough. You can use these handmade projects to make Halloween decors all by yourself or make it a group activity that brings your loved ones together.


Most of these tutorials are so easy and fun that even your kids would like to get involved in it.


So what are you waiting for? Start DIYing and make your home creepy both inside and outside.


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Easy and Cheap Halloween DIYs and Crafts


1)Pine Cone Bouquet from Sustain My Craft


Easy and Cheap Halloween DIYs and Crafts


Make this bouquet of pine coneflowers to spruce up your Halloween decorations. This is a frugal idea with just some pine cones, wooden skewers and some Halloween themed paint colors.


These pinecone flowers are elegant yet mysterious and creepy. This is a fun craft project to work on and the end product is sure to lure your guests in!


2) DIY Halloween Bat Candy from


Easy and Cheap Halloween DIYs and Crafts


There are a lot of DIY crafting tutorials with toilet paper rolls. But here is something fun and interesting to make, the DIY Halloween Bat Candy tubes made with toilet paper rolls.


 In this DIY project, you will see how toilet paper rolls can be turned into creepy bats easily.


Once again, this is a craft project that can be made on a budget. Fill the Bat Candy tubes with candies and gift your loved ones this creepy Halloween gift.


3) DIY Mummy Water Bottles from Mommyhood


Easy and Cheap Halloween DIYs and Crafts


This is a quick and fun project for the Halloween season. If you are somebody who hates wasting anything and would love to reuse it in a creative way, this is the right project you can try.


Make a few of them to line up in your porch or windows to create the spooky atmosphere in your home.


All you need are some small water bottles and some other things that are easily found around your home to create this DIY Mummy Water Bottles in minutes.


4) Halloween Stone Painting For Kids from Crafted with


Easy and Cheap Halloween DIYs and Crafts


This is a Halloween fun activity for kids. They can paint spooky Halloween characters on stones and get creative. You don’t need to be an expert to do this craft, everyone can be an artist in their own creative way.


 All you need is some paint, some stones, and a paintbrush to make these fun Halloween stones.


5) Trick or Treat Bags with Ghost Images from


DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag (1)


Trick or treat bags are a must for Halloween, aren’t they? Well, here you can make eerie bags with this easy sewing project. 


This trick-or-treat bag comes with three ghost templates to make it a fun project to try.


 Make these spooky bags so that your little ghouls and goblins can have their big night out.


6)Googly Eyes Halloween Headband from


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


Whip up this easy and creepy headband in just a few minutes with some googly eyes, some felt, and a headband.


This googly eye headband is so much fun to make and to wear that your little one would love to wear it all month long. This DIY headband is so simple that even your little one can make it!


7) DIY Halloween Garlands from Fleece


This is a fun bat garland that can render the sinister look to your home for Halloween. This DIY bat garland is also one of the easiest and quickest way to decorate your home for the Halloween season.


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


You may use the free PDF or SVG file, which makes the project easier to whip up.  You can use your Cricut Maker or cut them by hand. Just a few black felt sheets, some felt pompoms, some sewing notions and you can make it easily!


8) DIY Fall Mason Jar Crafts from Food Wine


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


Add a touch of fun and creepiness to your Fall decorations this time with easy mason jar crafts. You can make a Candy Corn, a Pumpkin, a Frankenstein, or a Mummy mason jar with this easy and cheap DIY project.


Believe me, I loved the mummy jar the most. It was super easy yet spooky enough for Halloween. You can put fall flowers in it and make it more desirable as a fall decoration.


9) Easy Sew Halloween Candy Corn Tote From The Happiest


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


If you love to make a trick or treat bag in the colors of Fall, here is the perfect tote bag for you. This is also a perfect scrap busting project for those who have a lot of leftover scraps.


This is yet another DIY project, your kids can help you with. Just make sure to use sturdy material so that they can stuff in all the candy they collect.


10) Witch Hat Bookmark from Two Kids and a


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


Here is a DIY crafting tutorial that kids can make during the Halloween season, the witch hat bookmark. This is a very interesting yet useful crafting project for the kids.


Once it is made, the bookmarks are great to mark the pages in their books. This witch bookmark is great as Halloween gifts too. This is again a budget craft that uses just origami paper, craft paper, and glue.


11) Wood Halloween Ghosts for Outdoors from The Happiest


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


If you would like to make your Halloween decorations more family-friendly than spooky, here is something for you. This is a simple and fast Halloween decoration, the kids can help you with.


These wooden ghosts neither wear out nor break and can last forever. Moreover, you can make this easy DIY project with the things that lay around your home.


12) DIY Halloween Treat Boxes from Printables


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


If you would like to make trick or treating extra special this year, here is something you can try, the DIY Halloween treat boxes. They are so easy to assemble that the kids can make them too.


You can use them to hold your Halloween candies and gift them to your loved little ones. They can also be spooky decorations for your Halloween party.


This DIY Halloween treat box tutorial comes with a printable template that can help you make these spooky houses in minutes.


13) Halloween Wine Cork Crafts for Kids from Pillarbox


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


If you love wine cork craft, here is something fun and interesting to do with your cork collection, the Halloween wine cork craft. You can make an array of monsters with your corks.


You can also put them together using orange twine and hang them as Halloween garlands.


This is a very creative and simple project that you can make on a budget. You can make Frankensteins, Dracula, bats, skeletons, pumpkin heads, and the like.


14) DIY Felt Dragon Mask from Felt with Love


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


If you don’t have the time to make a Halloween costume, here is something that can give the sinister Halloween look without much of labor, the DIY Felt Dragon Mask.


This mask can be easily made from some felt pieces, some fabric pieces, and a small length of elastic. By changing the shades of felt and fabric, you can easily customize the mask to match your costume.


15) Popsicle Stick Pumpkin from Honey and


Halloween How Tos and Crafts


This popsicle stick pumpkin craft is the right project for those of you looking for Halloween how-to projects, to do with your family. This easy DIY project involves painting and making a Jack- O- Lantern face.


This popsicle stick pumpkins are great as Halloween home décor and even as gifts too. All you need are some popsicle sticks, a pipe cleaner piece, some orange paint, and some regular craft supplies to craft this fun Halloween pumpkin.


16) DIY Halloween Gift Box Turorial from The Best Vinyl



This DIY Halloween gift box is a fun and interesting idea for Halloween gifts or even decorations. You can make a scary Halloween pumpkin, a black cat, and a vampire with this easy tutorial.


There are separate templates for the three boxes cited above. Here again, you just need some regular craft supplies to make these boxes.


You can fill these spooky boxes with all sorts of Halloween candies to gift your loved ones.


17) DIY Spooky Halloween Soap from



This is a project for anybody with just basic crafting skills. It is so easy that even the kids can make it. You just need a few plastic spiders, an empty sanitizer bottle, and a clear white liquid hand soap to complete this DIY project.


The white soap would make the spiders that float around clearly visible. This can also be a very useful and keepsake gift for Halloween. The bottle can be refilled many times and used year after year.


18) Halloween Claypot Candy Bowls from Mommyhood



If you want a unique gift idea for Halloween, this DIY clay pot is something to try. With this easy DIY tutorial, you can easily transform simple plain clay pots into a jack-o-lantern, a Frankenstein, or a bat.


You can arrange them along your window or in your car porch as Halloween decorations. You can also fill them up with your Halloween candies and they can become creepy gifts for neighbors, family, or friends.


19) Easy Eye Ball Halloween Wreath from Crayons and



No Halloween decoration is complete without a creepy wreath. Well, if you don’t have the time to make a complicated one, here is something easy, quick, and spooky you can try, the Eye Ball Halloween Wreath!


This Halloween wreath is ridiculously easy and cheap to make. Once you have gathered the supplies, you can easily complete the task in minutes. This sinister wreath is just right to greet the guests that dare to venture inside.


20) Button Pumpkin Craft from Daily



If you need a super cute Halloween project even your kids can do, this button pumpkin craft can be perfect for you. This one would be a fun craft for a Halloween party or to craft together with friends.


Here again, you need only very few materials like buttons, painters tape, canvas, and some paint to do this DIY craft.


21) Mini Frankenstein Softie from Felt with Love



 Frankenstein is my favorite among the creepy creatures. Here you can make a felt Frankenstein with this easy tutorial. It would make a fun addition to your Halloween décor.


You can even use it to make Halloween garlands. The tutorial uses simple hand-sewing and can be finished quickly. And yes, they can make great Halloween gifts too!


22) Halloween Monster Eye Garland from



Make this easy monster eye garland and I am sure you will absolutely love it. It is indeed the perfect way to greet your guests for Halloween. These monsters are not very scary but funny and friendly.


All you need are some foam balls, some craft feathers, and a few more regular craft supplies to make this garland.


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So, I am done with my 21 plus easy and cheap DIYs and Crafts for Halloween. Now you don’t have to head to the stores, hunting for Halloween decorations and gifts. You can create a spooky and sinister atmosphere in your home with these easy and cheap DIYs.

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