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DIY Scrappy Dish Towel in 15 Minutes

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I love making dish towels. They uplift my kitchen and they are cute additions to my gift baskets. Earlier, I had made a hanging kitchen towel, which became a big hit. So here I am with another DIY dish towel that you can make from your leftover fabric scraps. Once the cutting is done, you can make it in 15 minutes or so.



With Easter coming up, you may be looking for some cute handmade gifts for your loved ones. But with today’s busy life schedule, you may want something easy and quick to sew. This DIY scrappy dish towel is definitely an option. It requires very little time and expertise to sew.



The fact that these towels are made with fabric scraps and different trims, gives you options to sew a variety of them. With slight changes in this design, you can sew a variety of dish towels to suit your taste.




I started with one and I couldn’t stop at that. I kept on using my coordinating scraps and I was delighted to see how my waste fabric pieces turned out!



I also love trims. They are easy to work with as they do not need much edge finishing before using them on my designs. Lace, rick rack and pompoms are my favorites. They make my design look ornamental and awesome without much hard work.



These DIY scrappy dish towels can be made in different colors and embellished with different trims like rickrack, pompoms, lace, etc. These trims would completely transform your plain dish towels into colorful and beautiful ones.



Here I have made a towel with three fabric strips; a wide fabric strip in the middle and two thin fabric strips on either side. The placement and arrangements of the fabric strips depend totally on your preference. You may choose to place a single-wide strip of fabric and add rickrack, ribbon or lace along the edge. You may change the width of the strip or you can even replace the fabric strips with wide ribbon or lace. The choice is yours!


Scrappy DIY Dish Towel in 15 Minutes

Materials Required:

  • Dish Towel (here I have used a towel 15- inches wide and 26- inches long).
  • Two coordinating fabrics for embellishment. You may use your leftover fabric scraps.
  • Rickrack, lace, pompoms or ribbons (optional).
  • Sewing Notions.

Gather your supplies.

For the towel shown here, you will need to cut 3 fabric strips and two pieces of rickrack. The length of the fabric strips and rickrack should be 1- inch longer than the width of the towel. Here I have used a 15- inch wide towel So, the lengths of the pieces should be 16- inches.



So, The measurements of the fabric strips are:

First strip- 2.5- inches wide and 16- inches long.

Second strip- 4- inches wide and 16- inches long.

Third strip- Again 2.5- inches wide and 16- inches long.

The fabric strips and rickrack are to be arranged as in the above picture.



Take the wide centerpiece, fold the two short edges by ½- inch towards the wrong side and press to set.



Next, take the two remaining strips, fold all the four edges towards the wrong side by ½- inch and press.

Let’s sew the fabric strips to the towel.



Place the wide strip about 4.5-inches from the shorter edge of the towel and parallel to it. Pin and sew the strip to the towel, along the two long edges. Note that the smaller edges of the fabric strip are kept folded while pinning and sewing.



Next place one of the shorter strips, on the towel, overlapping the first by ¼- inch and pin. Repeat with the remaining fabric strip on the other edge of the wide strip.



Sew the smaller strips to the towel along the two long edges. Sew also along the side seams to secure the edges.

Let’s sew the rickrack.



Keep the two edges of the rickrack folded by ½- inch. Align the rickrack along the seam line of the two fabric strips and pin. Sew the rick rack pieces to the towel.



Our scrappy dishtowel is ready!

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Margaret L. Haidet

Sunday 3rd of September 2023

Would make a nice gift andneasy