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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

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how to thread your sewing machine


If you are someone who received a sewing machine as a gift or a hand-me-down and has never sewn before, there is a chance that you may not know how to thread it. But you don’t have to fear, you are at the right place. This simple tutorial will teach you how to thread a sewing machine easily. Or, if you are an intermediate seamstress, you can still brush up on your basics.


how to thread a sewing machine


Before you start learning how to thread your sewing machine, you need to know the parts of the sewing machine and also learn how to wind a bobbin. Have a look at the tutorials below:

How to Use a Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Bobbin.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Threading the Upper Thread


To start threading the upper thread, lift the spool holder and pull off the cap if your machine has one.


Slide the spool in place and put the cap back on.


Next, pull the thread and wrap it around the round black piece on the left. It’s best to keep a finger over the spool while you’re doing this to keep some tension before the thread is in place (learn about the sewing machine parts here).


Next, pull the thread down the slit on the right.



And back up through the slit on the left.


At the top, there is this metal hook. You’ll need to pull the thread through the hook before pulling it down to the needle.


This hook moves up and down with the needle, so you might need to adjust it to get the thread through if the needle is too low. Just turn the handwheel on the right side of the machine (turn it toward you, never backward!) until it reaches the top.


Then pull the thread back down toward the needle. If you look at the machine from below, there is a small hooked plate right in front of the needle that holds the thread in position just before going to the needle.


Now you’re good to pull the thread (from front to back) through the eye of the needle.


After it comes out the back of the needle pull the thread down underneath the foot and off to the right.


How to Thread the Lower Thread

How To Insert Your Bobbin.


These are the instructions for a top-loading machine. If you have a front loading machine, the instructions will be similar but slightly different.


threading a sewing machine

Start by pulling the access panel out ( again refer the parts of the machine here)


threading a sewing machine

Double-check before you drop the bobbin in which direction your thread should be coming out. My machine has this direction printed on the access panel.


Then just drop the bobbin in place.


Next, pull the end of the thread around this small hook and leave it hanging out the back.


Don’t put the panel back on just yet. You need it open to pull the bobbin thread.


To do that, hold the top thread to the right so it doesn’t come out of the needle.


Then turn the handwheel toward you so that the needle goes down and back up once. This will cause the upper thread to wrap around the lower thread. Make sure you’re still holding the upper thread.



Once you get the needle all the way back up, pull the upper thread out to the right and it will pull up a loop of the bobbin thread underneath the foot.


threading a sewing machine

Stick something small like a pin or seam ripper through that loop and pull it out to the right.


threading a sewing machine

You should now have two thread ends sticking out to the right underneath the needle and foot. And now you’re ready to sew!


Have a look at the webstory on the post here, Sewing Made Easy: Master Threading in Minutes

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Hope you have learned how to thread your sewing machine. Now you are all ready to sew!

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