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How to Make Pompoms from Yarn

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This tutorial on how to make DIY pompoms from yarn is something you will love. With the step by steps instructions, you can now learn how to make fluffy and colorful pompoms in any size you want and in color you want!


how make pom poms


Who doesn’t enjoy fluffy, vibrant pompoms? The smaller ones at the ends of bags and pouches or the larger ones hanging as garlands are all eye-catching.


how make pom poms


These DIY pom poms with yarn are one of the little things, I enjoyed making. Away from the hectic work of designing clothes that involved a lot of work, making this DIY pompoms tutorial came as a respite.


how make pom poms


These pompoms are great when attached to keychains, headbands, boots, purses, and many items for a cute and colorful decoration. You can also hold and squeeze it in your hand to serve as a stress buster!


how to make pompoms from yarn


You don’t need a pompom maker to make them. All you need is a cardboard piece that can be turned into a DIY pompom maker!


If you would like to learn how to make yarn tassels, click on the picture below:


How to Make Pompoms from Yarn


Supplies required


  1. Crochet or knitting yarn balls in desired colors
  2. A piece of cardboard
  3. Two circular objects. One large circle( I used a mason jar lid here) and a small circle, the size of a coin ( I used a small lid for this). *The large circle should be approximately the size of the pompom you require.
  4. A pair of sharp scissors


Start by tracing out two circles on the cardboard using the mason jar lid. Cut out the circles using a pair of scissors.


Using the small lid, trace a smaller circle in the middle of the bigger cardboard circles that you just cut out.


Cut out the inner circles using your scissors. Your pieces of cardboard will now look similar to a ring.


Cut out a small segment off the ring.


Now layer the rings on top of each other, lining the edges and hold them in place. Take two strings of yarn and start winding the yarn around the ring, from the gap.


Make sure to wind the yarn not too loose or not too tight.


Keep winding the yarn along the entire ring. Increase the number of times you wind to get a fluffier pom pom.


how to make pompoms from yarn

Slide a pair of sharp scissors between the cardboard rings and start cutting the yarn.


Keep cutting till the whole of the yarn loops are cut.


You will get something like this.


easy DIY yarn pompoms

Take a piece of yarn about 10-12 inches long.


Slide the yarn in between the cardboard rings.


Tie the yarn to get a secure knot in between the cardboard rings. Tie a second knot to make it stronger.


Slide off the cardboard rings.


You now have a rough version of your pom pom!


Let’s make it neater.


Sandwich the pom pom between the cardboard rings and trim around the ring. Change the position of the cardboard rings to trim from a different side of the pom pom. You can repeat the process till you feel you have got the perfect sphere.


diy yarn pompoms

Voila! Your pompom is now ready!


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