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How to Make a Yarn Tassel

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This is an easy DIY tutorial on how to make a tassel. These tassels are not only for sewists, just anyone, even a kid can make them! You don’t have to know sewing at all. Once you have learned the art of making it, it takes only a few minutes.


how to make a tassel (2)


Tassels are so colorful. You can add them to anything you make, including blankets, pillows, and even make earrings and garlands with them.


how to make a tassel (2)


how to make a tassel (2)


Well, there is something I haven’t mentioned in my blog before; my love for knitting. I was an ardent knitter when I was in school. I always wanted to revive my lost hobby and always hoard yarns and knitting needles but I never find the time to do so.



When I saw these colorful tassels on Pinterest, I loved them and thought of the endless things to which I could add them. And lo here I am with the tutorial on how to make tassels.


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How to Make a Yarn Tassel


Supplies Required:


Crochet or knit yarn balls in desired colors.


A piece of cardboard to wind the yarn (The length of the cardboard should be approximately the length of the tassel you intend to make. For example: If you wish to make a 3″ long tassel, you should wind the yarn onto a cardboard piece, 3″ long)..


Small scissors.


Start wrapping the yarn around the cardboard about 25- 30 times, keeping the winding tension approximately the same all the time. *Note if you need a bulkier tassel, increase the number of times you wind the yarn around the cardboard.



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Cut off the end using your scissors.


Take a piece of yarn about 10- inches long.


Gently slide the yarn piece under the wrapped yarn at the top of the cardboard piece. You may use your scissors to lift the wrapped yarn slightly.


Tie it in a few knots to secure.


Gently slip the yarn off the cardboard piece.


You will see that one end of the yarn bunch is looped. Cut open the loops.


Take a piece of yarn about 4-inches long and tie it at 1-inch from the top and secure the ends at the back of the tassel.


Trim off the excess yarn to make the end straight and neat.



Now you have learned how to make a tassel!


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