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How to Make No-Sew Blanket/5 Ways

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Learn How to Make a no-sew blanket in minutes with this easy DIY tutorial. You don’t have to know sewing at all to make these blankets. I will teach you 5 ways to transform simple fleece fabric into awesome-looking fleece blankets!


how to make a no sew blanket


Here comes the coldest season of the year and who wouldn’t love to snuggle up in a cozy, warm blanket? There’s no need to get out of bed when you can wear a blanket all day. These incredibly comfy DIY blankets are the perfect choice for cozy days at home.


no sew blanket diy


no sew blanket diy


 And, what if you can make it all by yourself easily and in minutes? This DIY project is so easy and fun that even your kids can easily make them.


how to make a no sew blanket


how to make a no sew blanket


There are five ways to choose from and they include, knotted blankets, tassel-edge blankets, fringed blankets, braided blankets, and bow-edged blankets.


braided blanket how to


So hang on and watch these easy DIY tutorials on how to make a no-sew blanket!


If you would like to sew a simple reversible blanket in minutes, click on the picture below:




How to Make A No-Sew Blanket/ Five Ways


Supplies Needed:


**Except for the tassel edge blanket and the bow edge blanket, all the DIY no-sew blankets are made from two layers of fleece.


  • Fleece fabric in a desired color and print for the blanket main. 

You will need:

1 Yard for a baby blanket.

1.5 yards for a child blanket.

2 Yards for an adult blanket.

  • Fleece fabric for the blanket lining- same as above.
  • Sewing notions.
  • You will require a ball of yarn in a matching color with your fleece for the tassel edge blanket.


  • Before you start making the no-sew fleece blanket, make sure you cut off the selvages and cut the edges straight.


Tied Blanket


Let’s first learn the making of a fleece blanket with ties. These tied blankets are so easy that even kids can make them. Just cut a few fringes around, tie them in balloon knots, and lo you get warm and cozy DIY fleece tie blankets that require no sewing at all.


Here the plaid fleece is for the blanket upper and the solid red is for the blanket lining.


Take your two fleece pieces and keep them layered, with the wrong side of the blanket upper touching the right side of the blanket lining.


Cut off a 5” x 5” square from all four corners.


Let’s cut the fringes.


Mark lines 1” wide and 5” tall, starting from the edges along the corner. ** The width need not be accurate, you may cut the fringes even without marking the lines.


Cut the fringes, all around using your scissors.



Grab the fringes with your hand, make sure you catch the layer underneath, and tie it in a knot as you would tie a balloon.


Pull the edge of the fringe to tighten the knot.*Make the knots not too tight or loose.


Repeat with the fringes along the entire edge.


Repeat cutting the fringes along the other edges too.


Again tie the knots as you did earlier, all around. And your knotted blanket is done!


Tassel Edged Blanket

Let’s start learning how to make a no-sew fleece blanket with tassels along the edge. These DIY blankets can be beautifully made if you choose the right colors of fleece and yarn! They can be great as a tv blanket, extra bed cover, and travel blanket.


Supplies Needed:

You will need just one piece of fleece fabric for the tassel-edged blanket. The requirements for the fleece are given above the knotted version. In addition to the fleece, you will need:

One ball of knitting or crocheting yarn

Crochet needle.


no sew blanket tutorial

Gather your supplies.


no sew blanket tutorial

Leaving 2- inches from both sides, mark a point on the fleece. Continue marking points 2- inches apart along the entire edge. Repeat on all four edges.


Using your scissors, make small snips along the marked points, all around the edges. * You may fold the fleece along the marked points to cut the holes easily.


This is what it would look like.


Cut your yarn into 10- inch long pieces. Grab about seven of them and keep them with the ends aligned. Fold the bunch in a loop.


Take your crochet needle and insert it through the first hole from the wrong side of the fleece.


Grab the yarn loop with the crochet hook.


Pull it up through the hole.


Remove the needle from the loop and fold or roll up the edge of the fleece.


Insert the free ends of the yarn bunch into the loop.


Pull the yarn to tighten it.


Repeat attaching tassels along the entire edge, on the marked points.


Add the tassels to the side perpendicular to the first one.


Finish the corners in the same manner. Work on the remaining edges and corners in a similar way to complete your tassel blanket.


Fringed Edge Blanket

Take the supplies required, as mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial. Layer the fabrics and cut a 3 x 3-inch square, off the corner of the fleece layer.


Leaving 1- inch from the side, cut the fringes 1- inch wide and 3- inches tall, all around.


Next, we cut snips on the fringes.


Fold the fringes up and snip a small hole in the layers with the tip of your scissors. Repeat on the fringes all around.


Lift the top layer (here the plaid fleece) fringe and insert the bottom layer (solid color) into the hole.



Again insert the top layer through the bottom fringe.


Pull taut.


This is how it should look like once done.


Repeat along the entire edge.
Do the fringes on all sides in a similar manner and our blanket is done!


Bow Edged Blanket

Take the required length of the blanket, referring to the supplies needed section at the beginning of the tutorial. Here again, you need just one layer of fleece for the bow edged blanket.


Cut a 2- inches square off from the corners. Mark lines 3- inches wide and 2- inches tall, all around the four edges, starting from the corner. Cut along the lines to get wide fringes all around.


Pinch the first fringe to create two small pleats.


Thread your hand-sewing needle. Sew a few knots along the center to hold the pleats.


Open and spread the two edges to form the bow.


Continue making the bow along the entire edge.


Continue around the four edges and your bow-edge blanket is ready!


Braided Edge Blanket


Gather your fleece fabric according to your required size. Layer the two pieces, lining up the edges and with the right side of the lining touching the wrong side of the blanket main. Cut out 2” squares from the corners.


Mark 2” tall and 1” wide strips all around the edges. Cut along the marks.


Fold the strips upward and cut a small slit along the center. * Make sure to cut the slits on both the upper and lining strips.


Make similar slits on the fringes all around.


Let’s start braiding the blanket.


Thread the second set of strips through the slit in the first.


Next, thread the third strip through the slit in the second one.



Again, insert the fourth strip through the slit in the third.


Continue braiding in a similar way all around the blanket, till you reach where you started. You may thread the first one through the last and tie them in two knots to secure.


Braided blanket diy

Your braided blanket is ready!


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