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DIY Patriotic Wreath

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY Patriotic day wreath in minutes. Here you will also learn how to make a paper rose. This lovely DIY patriotic wreath can be made from an embroidery hoop, some fabric scraps and a few sheets of cardstock paper.


how to make a paper rose


After releasing more than 40 free patterns for babies, kids, and the home, I felt like I wanted a break from sewing and I chose to do some crafting this week.


how to make a patriotic wreath


I had always liked making flowers, be it fabric or paper. They are so colorful and fun to make and roses are my favorite! This tutorial will also teach you how to make a paper rose in a jiffy. Just make them in red, blue, and white, or make them in a mixture of these colors to adorn your patriotic day wreath.


diy patriotic wreath


If you are looking for something to sew for your home, click on the picture below:


DIY Patriotic Wreath 


Supplies Needed:

The inner ring of an embroidery hoop.

Red fabric scraps.

Red, blue, white, and green cardstock paper.


Glue gun.

Wooden dowel.


Let’s get started:


Grab your supplies.


Cut your fabric scraps to about 1” – 1.5” width. You can take the length as it is and keep adding more scraps as you wind it around the hoop.


Hot- glue the tip of the scrap to the hoop and start winding the scrap tightly around the hoop.


Keep winding till the whole of the hoop is covered with the fabric scrap. Again glue the next end using your hot- glue gun. Your wreath base is ready.


How to Make a Paper Flower


Next, we make the paper flowers.


From the cardstock paper, cut out large squares with approximately 4” x 4” dimensions for larger flowers. For smaller flowers, you will need small squares with approximately 3” x 3” dimensions. You will need 4 squares for one flower. You can choose the number of flowers according to your liking.


Take one square and fold it diagonally in half. Fold it again in half twice.


Draw a curve along the edge and cut around it to get the petal shape.


Open it and it has started looking like a flower already!


diy paper roses

Repeat on all 4 squares.


diy paper roses

Take one flower piece and cut out one of the petals (along the fold lines) to open the flower. 


There are 7 layers for the flower and for the last 3 layers, we use the petals cut off from the first 3.


diy paper roses

Next, cut out 2 petals off from the second, 3 from the third, and 4 from the fourth.


Let’s give the flower petals a three-dimensional shape.


diy paper roses

Apply glue along one of the end petals and glue the petal at the other end on top of it.


how to make a paper rose

Your first flower layer will look like this.


how to make a paper rose

Curl the edges outwards with a wooden dowel (picture for illustration purposes).


Repeat the same with all the remaining layers of the flower.


Next, let’s glue the layers together.


how to make a paper rose

Take the largest flower layer and apply glue along the center. Gently press the second larger layer on top of the first to join.


Repeat the process with the remaining layers till all the 7 are glued together. Your rose is ready!


Make as many flowers as you like to add them to your hoop wreath. You may make the flowers in a single color or a combination of colors.

Next we make the leaves.


Take a green cardstock piece, 3- inches long and 2- inches wide. Fold it in half lengthwise and draw the shape of a half- leaf along the fold. Cut along the line to get your leaf piece.


Make multiple folds along the leaf to get the veins.


Glue the roses and the leaves on the hoop as you wish. Your Patriotic day hoops wreath is ready!


Pin it for later here,


DIY Hoops patriotic Wreath


Hope you have learned how to make a paper rose and also an adorable hoop wreath for Patriotic day!

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