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How to Sew a Patriotic Day Pillow Cover

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how to sew a patriotic day pillow cover


The patriotic day is just around the corner and I just kept aside all my other sewing projects and decided to sew something for the Patriotic day instead. This is a super easy and super quick DIY pillow cover that any beginner can sew.



how to sew a patriotic day pillow cover


It is a simple pillow cover design, accentuated by a few lines of red and blue lace. You can always replace the lace with rick racks or pompom lace in the same color. You can make slight changes like adding fabric flowers in red and blue to the corner to make it more ornamental


So let’s get started right away


If you would like to make a hoop wreath for Patriotic day, click on the picture below:


DIY Hoops patriotic Wreath


Supplies Needed:

Medium-weight white cotton fabric- 1/2 yard.

Red and blue lace- 2.5 yards each.

Sewing Notions.

Pillow Foam.

Wooden dowel.


Cutting Dimensions:

Front piece- 17” x 17”

Back piece- 17” x 11”

The above measurements are for a pillow with 16” x 16” dimensions. For a smaller or larger pillow, you can cut the pieces, referring to the directions below:


Front piece Length- Length of the pillow + 1- inch.

Front Piece Width- Width of the pillow + 1- inch.

Back Pieces Length- Length of the pillow/ 2 + 4-inches.

Back Pieces Width- Width of the pillow + 1- inch.


How to sew a patriotic day pillow

Gather your supplies ( I am sorry, I forgot to include the lace 🙁 )


Cut your front and back pieces.


Let’s attach the lace to the front piece.


Draw lines 1.5- inches apart and parallel to each other along the entire length of the pillow.


Take your red lace piece and pin it along the first line.


Sew the lace to the pillow along the pinned line.


Repeat with the remaining 4 red lace pieces and the 5 blue lace pieces.


We need to hem one of the edges of the back pieces.


Fold one of the longer edges of both the back pieces twice by 1/2 – inch towards the wrong side and press to set. Sew down the hem along the edge of the fold for both the back pieces.


Let’s join the front piece and the back pieces together.


Place both the back pieces over the front piece, with the right sides together, aligning the raw edges and pin all around. Note that hemmed edge of both the pieces fall along the center.


Sew along around the edges.


Clip the corners.



Bring the right side out through the opening at the back. Pock the corners out with the help of a wooden dowel.



how to sew a

The back side of the pillow would look like this.


Your patriotic day pillow cover is ready.


Push your throw pillow into the cover. And you are done!


Pin it for later here,


DIY patriotic Day Pillow Cover


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