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30 Adorable Bag Patterns for Sewing

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Are you a bag sewing enthusiast like me? If so, here’s a treat for you! Over the years, I’ve released a few patterns for sewing bags, and the response from my readers has been incredibly heartwarming. It has inspired me to put together 30 bag patterns for sewing that I’m confident you will absolutely adore.


30 bag patterns for sewing


This collection of bag sewing patterns has been thoughtfully curated to provide a diverse selection for you to choose from. Whether you prefer crossbody bags, totes, grocery bags, or backpacks, there is truly something for every seamstress in this assortment. Explore the range and discover the perfect pattern to suit your style and preferences.


30 Adorable Bag Patterns for Sewing


1) Cross Body Bag Sewing Pattern



Here is the easiest cross body bag sewing pattern you can find. You don’t have to cut many pieces to sew the bag. This bag can be made by folding a rectangular piece and by sewing few straight line stitches.

The DIY bag closes by a flap with a snap button opening. There are no zipper hassles and as such you can make it in minutes. Customize it with pockets, lining, and fun prints to personalize your everyday essential. So grab your scissors, let your creativity soar, and get ready to sling this handmade treasure over your shoulder!


2) Divided Tote Bag Sewing Pattern


bag patterns for sewing


If you are looking for a shopping tote bag pattern with dividers and slots for carrying your groceries and bottles, here is just the right bag pattern for you.

Sturdy and eco-friendly, it minimizes the need for disposable bags. With its spacious design and reinforced handles, this bag sewing pattern streamlines the grocery run, ensuring a more organized and sustainable shopping experience.


3) Messenger Bag Pattern


30 ways to sew bags


Isn’t this messenger bag adorable and stylish? Would you like to make it just as I do? Then have a look at this messenger bag pattern. This is a large sturdy bag sewing project, with internal pockets. Sounds enticing right?

This large messenger bag can accormodate a lot of things and can be used as a grocery bag or even a diaper bag, if you have a baby. Well, it can be a great birthday present or even an awesome back-to- school gift too.

This free bag sewing tutorial comes with easy step by step instructions and downloadable templates to make sewing a breeze for you!


4) DIY Beach Bag


30 ways to sew bags


If you are looking for a large beach or pool bag sewing pattern, this DIY beach bag is just perfect for you. The beach bag is designed with rope handles, rendering it the summery look, perfect for a day out in the beach.

This large DIY beach bag is a sun-soaked essential, offering ample space for towels, sunscreen, and beach reads. With a spacious interior, it effortlessly carries seaside necessities.


5) Reversible Grocery Bag Pattern


30 bag sewing patterns


If you would like to sew something easy yet satisfying, this bag sewing project is just the right choice. This grocery bag has a pocket, comes with handles and is reversible.

You can completely flip over to the other side of the bag, when one side is soiled. In effect, you get a two-in- one pattern, which can be whipped up in just minutes.


6) The Sew Easy Tote Bag With a s Zipper

30 bag sewing patterns

The tote bag with a zipper is both cool and useful. It keeps your stuff safe and is easy to use. You can fit a lot of things inside, and the bag design makes it great for everyday use. It’s a handy and stylish free bag sewing pattern choice for people on the move.


7) Craft Organizer Tote Sewing Tutorial



Would you like to sew a bag that can store and carry your craft supplies? Well, here is an awesome craft organizer tote for you. This bag pattern is great to keep your craft supplies neatly organized.

This bag pattern is designed with a number of outside pockets to keep each of your crafty things securely in place. What more can you ask for when you don’t have to search for the supplies, when you need them, they will be right in the pockets, popping up!


8.How to Make The Artsy Bag with Free-motion Flowers

Blooming beauty meets effortless style in this floral bag! Unleash your inner artist on this blank canvas of a bag, perfect for free-motion embroidery, appliqué, or any creative whim.


Simple construction with just a few panels lets you focus on blooming your floral fantasies. Lightweight and roomy, this bag takes you from brunch to blossom-chasing adventure. So grab your needle and thread, stitch up your floral masterpiece, and let your style blossom!


9. DIY Clutch Bag Pattern: Free Sewing Pattern

Unleash your inner fashionista with this FREE clutch bag sewing pattern! Whip up a stylish accessory in no time. There is a zippered pouch right inside the bag to store your coins, keys and cards safe. There is also a slot for your phone.


Perfect for evenings out or daytime errands, this DIY clutch will turn heads and hold your must-haves. Grab your sewing machine, download the free pattern, and get ready to craft your own masterpiece!





Conquer clutter and stay organized with this tote bursting with pockets! This free sewing pattern makes it easy, even for beginners. Whip up a spacious tote with 6 handy pockets.


Choose your favorite fabrics and customize the bag to fit your needs. Say goodbye to rummaging and hello to effortless style! Grab the pattern, gather your supplies, and get ready to sew your way to organizational bliss!

11. 1-Yard Magic Messenger Bag

Transform one yard of fabric into a charming messenger bag in a flash! This beginner-friendly pattern is pure sewing satisfaction, with minimal pieces and simple seams.


Master basic techniques as you whip up a handy carrier for books, gadgets, or anything else you need on the go. Customize it with vibrant colors, playful prints, or add pockets for extra flair.


12. The Happy Hobo Bag

Channel your inner boho queen with this free purse sewing pattern! Whip up a stunning hobo bag in a flash – no prior sewing marathons required! This beginner-friendly design uses straightforward cuts and minimal seams, letting you craft a slouchy chic masterpiece in under a day.


Customize it with colorful fabrics and playful trims to match your unique style. So grab your needle and thread, embrace the relaxed charm, and get ready to swing your handmade hobo with panache!


13. DIY Halloween Treat Bags


Transform fabric scraps into spooky treasures with this fun and easy DIY Halloween Treat Bag tutorial! Craft a charming pyramid pouch, perfect for holding sweet treats for little ghouls and goblins.


No fancy templates needed – just some basic cuts and clever folds bring these festive bags to life. Customize with spooky prints, eerie embellishments, and personalized messages for a haunting touch. Watch little faces light up as they grab their very own handmade Halloween bounty!


14.Simple Tote Bag Tutorial


Ditch the boring bags and whip up a tote that reflects your unique flair! This Simple Tote Bag tutorial guides you through crafting a chic and sturdy companion for everyday adventures.


We’ll mix canvas for a touch of earthy toughness with your fabric of choice for a pop of personality. Perfect for hauling library treasures, sheet music, or work essentials, this tote handles it all in style.


15) Reusable Grocery bag Sewing Pattern

Ditch flimsy plastic! Sew your own sturdy reusable grocery bags with this quick & easy tutorial! Just grab some fabric, follow the free pattern, and stitch up eco-friendly totes in no time.


This is one of the bag patterns for beginner sewing since it uses straight seams and no tricky closures. You’ll be saying goodbye to store bags and hello to sustainable shopping in no time!


16) Heart Backpack Free Pattern

Sew the sweetest surprise for your little Valentine with this FREE Heart Backpack pattern! Perfect for little adventurers, this cuddly backpack holds all their treasures.


Simple curves and easy steps make it beginner-friendly, so grab your favorite fabrics and whip up some loveable fun. Imagine tiny smiles and joyful hops with every journey!


17) Double Compartment Cross- Body Bag



Stay neat and chic with this free sewing pattern for a double-compartment crossbody bag. Two roomy pockets keep essentials like your phone and wallet close. Top it off with a handy zipper pocket on the back – perfect for your valuables, keys or loose change!

This is one of the simple bags to sew patterns with beginner-friendly steps and options to customize with fun fabrics and trims. So grab your sewing kit and whip up this must-have accessory – it’s the perfect blend of style and practicality!


18. The Ruffle Bag


Unleash your inner fashionista with the DIY Ruffle bag! This intermediate-level design lets you flaunt your skills with a blooming beauty – a big, fluffy flower taking center stage.


It’s not just a pretty face, though. This roomy bag holds all your essentials, making it a stylish statement for day or night. So grab your needles, channel your creativity, and let your ruffles bloom!


19. Paper Pieced Cosmetic Bag


This stylish cosmetic bag pattern serves as an ideal birthday or Christmas present, boasting a visually striking design. Its paper/foundation piecing method ensures precise results with ease.


Its compact size allows for a quick sewing process, perfect for crafting in the evening while enjoying TV. Gift this impressive, handmade piece for a thoughtful and practical gesture


20. The Kennedy Bag

This is one free bag sewing pattern that is available in a downloadable PDF format.

This spacious bag boasts charming details and plenty of room for your must-haves. Choose a vibrant patchwork design or opt for a single fabric. With ample space and lovely accents, it’s perfect for toting your essentials in style


21. Market Bag Tutorial


The DIY Market Bag pattern is made for groceries or shopping, built with strong handles and lots of space for heavy things. To keep your keys, cards, and wallet organized, you can sew a special zipper pocket inside.


It’s handy and helps you find your small stuff easily while you shop. Carry all you need in this bag without worrying about losing your important items.


22. Cat Backpack Pattern

This is one of the bags patterns for sewing that I adore. This easy-to-follow sewing project provides step-by-step instructions for making a cute and functional backpack, complete with cat ears and embroidered facial features of a cat.


Your little ones can easily stuff their favorite treasures and goodies in the bag and carry it on their back. Plus, it can make a great gift for a little cat lover too!


23. The Small Weekender Bag


Looking for a perfect travel companion? The Small Weekender Bag sewing tutorial is your go-to! This free bag pattern guides you through crafting a compact yet spacious bag, ideal for short trips or a day out.


With clear instructions, sew your own stylish and functional bag, perfect for carrying essentials comfortably. Get ready for your next adventure with this handy DIY sewing project


24. Reversible Bag Sewing Pattern


This DIY shoulder bag is the ultimate versatile accessory! Its boho style effortlessly swings from casual, resembling a book bag or a handy grocery sack, to a chic purse. This is a very beginner level pattern that comes with template for the bag.


But here’s the real kicker—it’s reversible! That means you get two stylish looks in one, making it a must-have for anyone who loves to switch up their style on the go


25. Easy- Sew Slouchy Tote Bag



This slouchy tote bag pattern comes with a boxed bottom design, making it easy to carry all your groceries or even the whole of your craft supplies. The bag design comes with options to sew it with short or shoulder- length handles.

No zippers, no fuss, just simple sewing for beginners. Download the free pattern and get stitching – your comfy new sidekick awaits!

26. Tote Bag Pattern


Learn how to sew a professional- looking lined tote bag with this easy and free tote bag sewing pattern. No need to attach tricky zippers and hardware! This tote’s all straight lines and simple sewing, perfect for beginners.


Choose from two sizes for the bag you need, then whip up sturdy handles and a handy pocket – no curves in sight! Easy sewing tips inside help give your creation a polished look. Never sewn a bag before? This beauty’s your new bestie!


27. Kid- Sized Messenger Bag



Whip up a mini messenger bag for your little adventurer with this sewing pattern! This free, super-easy pattern takes just a few evenings to sew, perfect for busy crafters.


Imagine the look on their face when they rock their own shrunken version of your bag! Customize it with their favorite colors and fabrics, making it the ideal size for playtime treasures. So grab your sewing machine and get ready to sew a mini masterpiece they’ll love to carry everywhere!


28. The Verbena Tote Pattern


Ditch the messy bags! This Verbena Tote pattern lets you sew a dream tote with BIG pockets to hold everything (phone, keys, wallet? Check!). Plus, it comes with a clever attached clutch that stays put, so no more digging for essentials.


Unlike the other bag patterns that use fabric, this bag uses vinyl and faux leather to whip up the bag. So, if you would like to try sewing something different, sew this faux leather and vinyl bag, that can sure look like a store- bought one!


29. How to Sew a Drawstring Bag in Minutes



Transform leftover fabric into adorable drawstring bags! This is the simplest drawstring bag sewing project you can find for beginners. Just grab some scraps, follow the easy steps, and watch your bag come to life.


Sweet corner details and a drawstring casing add a touch of charm, making it extra special. Get creative with colors and patterns – the possibilities are endless! So rummage through your fabric stash, grab your needle and thread, and get ready to sew something sweet!


30. Fish- Shaped Laundry Bag


Dive into laundry day with these adorable fish-shaped drawstring bags! This fin-tastic tutorial makes sewing a breeze with free pattern templates and just a yard of fabric. Simply follow the easy steps to create these playful pouches that keep laundry organized and ocean-themed.


Perfect for kids’ rooms or adding a splash of fun to your chore routine, these fishy friends are sure to make laundry day a swim in the park!

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30 bag patterns for sewing

So grab your fabric, thread your sewing machine, and let these 30 bag patterns for sewing fuel your next crafting adventure!

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