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25 Ways to Make Flowers from Paper

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If you love the colorful flowers of nature, you would surely want them to bloom all year long. However, as we all know, nature experiences different seasons, and the flowers it produces are subject to natural cycles, ultimately wilting away.


How to make flowers from paper


What if I could help you to make flowers from paper- that don’t require care and can last throughout the year? Well, here is a compilation of tutorials on crafting paper flowers. I have encompassed virtually all types of flowers using various kinds of paper.

Among them are the simpler ones, which can be crafted with regular paper, newspaper, tissue paper, and more. Additionally, there are varieties that can be manually cut or can be created with the help of your Cricut machine.

These do-it-yourself flower tutorials are designed to be accessible for both beginners and experienced crafters alike, offering clear step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you.


25 Ways to Make Flowers from Paper


1) Paper Rose Tutorial

How to make flowers from paper


Have a look at these colorful and stunning paper roses! Would like to try making them? Well, anybody even a kid can make it if you follow this simple and quick DIY paper rose tutorial. There are no templates to be downloaded, just cut a few square pieces and you are ready to go!


This paper rose making tutorial will guide you to make easy and awesome looking flowers that are great for home décor, gifting and more.


2) Rolled Peony Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers

Do you like papercrafting as much as I do? Would you like to make adorable peonies that require neither water nor bloom? Then here is something for you- the paper peony.

This is a rolled DIY paper peony tutorial. There are templates provided and you can either cut it by hand or with your cutting machine. Just cut it, roll it, glue it and Voila your colorful and pretty paper peony is ready!


3) DIY Daisy Paper Flowers


This is one of my favorite paper flower DIY projects. In fact, I have made many of these for a themed party at home. The tutorial includes free templates, and once again, you can cut them either by hand or using your Cricut machine.

These paper daisies can be made from medium- weight cardstock paper in any color you like. From handmade cards to shadow boxes, you can add this ornate flower to almost any decor project.


4) Paper Plate Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers

Forget fancy florists and welcome these frugal flowers blossom from humble paper plates! With a snip, a fold, and a dab of glue, transform those everyday discs into stunning blooms that steal the show.

Perfect for wedding showers, parties, or just adding a dash of DIY delight to your home, these paper plate beauties are budget-friendly and oh-so-charming. This eco-friendly craft is as kind to the planet as it is to your wallet. Give those paper plates a second chance to shine!


5) DIY Giant Crepe Paper Roses


DIY Paper Flowers

Skip the florist, craft your own floral giants with this tutorial on how to make giant paper roses! These crepe paper beauties bloom big, adding drama and elegance to any space. Stretch, twist, and twirl fluffy petals into magnificent roses, perfect for backdrops, parties, or simply dazzling your decor.


6) Quick and Easy Paper Gerbera

how to make flowers with paper


Do you love fresh gerbera flowers as much as I do? The beautiful colors and the thick petals have always fascinated me. Well, if you share the same love for gerberas, you will surely enjoy this tutorial on how to make gerbera flowers with paper.

These intricately designed paper blooms serve as exquisite embellishments, ideal for adorning your living space, crafting heartfelt gifts for loved ones, or enhancing your party décor with their charm and elegance.


7) Free Large Paper Flower Tutorial


how to make flowers with paper

Learn how to make a large flower from paper by cutting either by hand or by a Cricut machine. This free DIY tutorial unlocks a garden of possibilities.

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a beginner, this tutorial would take you through step by step instructions to make large flowers that match your décor and style! So grab your scissors, unleash your creativity, and watch your paper garden come to life.


8) DIY Mini- Sweet Paper Flower

how to make flowers with paper


Create your own charming garden of everlasting beauty with this delightful tutorial on how to make flowers with paper. Crafted with simplicity in mind, this adorable bloom is perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike.

The easy-to-follow steps, coupled with a free template, gently lead you towards creating a paper flower masterpiece. Clusters of these endearing flowers can embellish cards, add flair to gifts, or infuse your home with an enchanting touch.


9) How to Make Small Paper Flowers


how to make paper flowers

Celebrate the seasons with vibrant, DIY small paper flowers! Perfect for an array of creative endeavors, these blossoms add a touch of beauty to journals, photography, gift wrapping, and more.


Using crepe or tissue paper for making these flowers ensures a flawless, delicate finish. While a free petal template is available, skilled crafters might opt for freestyle designs. Embrace the beauty of nature with this delightful project.


10 DIY Calla Lily

how to make paper flowers


Creating paper calla lilies is a delightful craft that offers versatility in colors. In this tutorial, calla lilies are made with foam paper. It makes the flowers look more natural.

Use this simple DIY tutorial to fashion these elegant flowers in an array of colors, from classic white to vivid pinks, deep purples, sunny yellows, and more, letting your creativity blossom with each unique creation.


11) Crepe Paper Flowers

how to make paper flowers

If you would like to craft some paper flowers that look very natural, choose to make these crepe paper flowers. Crepe paper flowers unfurl, not in gardens, but in your hands.

Choose natural colors if you would want to make realistic ones or choose other colors to create flowers unseen in earthly meadows! Capture the delicate charm of nature’s blush or go wild with neon swirls and polka-dotted petals! Master the basics, then let your imagination take root. Craft a bouquet of joy, one vibrant blossom at a time!


12) Tissue Paper Flowers



Are you looking for cute looking flowers that are easy to make? Then here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make flowers from tissue paper. There are so easy and quick that you can make several of them in 15 minutes!


They can add a touch of charm to scrapbooking, gift wrap, card making, and more. Feeling fancy? Attach a clip and rock them as flower hair clips – the possibilities are endless!

So grab some tissue paper and join the flowery fun! You’ll be crafting smiles (and stunning blooms) in no time.


13) DIY Giant Dahlia Flowers



Dive into DIY magic with these stunning paper dahlias – their intricate beauty will leave you breathless. And guess what? They’re beginner-friendly! With free templates and simple steps, even little hands can join the crafting fun.


Watch as colorful spirals transform into mesmerizing, oversized flowers, ready to add a touch of wow to any room. So, unleash your inner florist and let these paper petals bring your walls to life!


14) DIY Paper Sunflower



Blooming with sunshine, this DIY paper sunflower brings summer joy indoors. Download the free SVG template, gather bright yellow paper, and get ready to craft these adorable blooms.


Roll, glue, and stack petals to build a stunning flower, perfect for adding warmth to your walls, cheering up a table, or gifting a ray of sunshine. Let your creativity blossom – sunny skies await!


15) Tissue Paper Flowers


Make a garden of vibrant flowers, all from budget-friendly tissue paper! They can be used as eye-catching centerpieces, charming table companions, or dazzling photo backdrops.


With just a sprinkle of patience and a few simple materials, your home will be brimming with DIY floral magic. From adorning wreaths to crafting party pizazz, these tissue paper flowers are the perfect low-cost pop of color and cheer.


16) Paper Hyacinth Flowers



Captivated by the vibrant colors of hyacinths? Wish you could keep their beauty forever? This DIY tutorial has you covered!


With simple cuts and playful fringes, even beginners can channel their inner florist. Witness a paper garden blossom – no green thumb required!


17)How to Make a Paper Flower with Scored Petals



This easy and fun tutorial will teach you how to craft a textured flower bursting with personality! This paper flower with its imperfections is a charming bloom.


Simply score your paper with uneven lines, press firmly, and watch your flower blossom. Its unique depth makes it a star addition to gift toppers, favor boxes, napkin rings, or even a vibrant spring wreath.


18) Instant Recycled Paper Flowers


Give discarded paper a vibrant second life with these lightning-fast flowers! In just moments, transform old magazines, newspapers, or scrap paper into charming little flowers.


No fancy tools needed – just snip, fold, and twist your way to instant floral magic. Shower tables with confetti blooms, deck gifts with paper petals, or weave them into whimsical garlands. The possibilities are endless, just like your recycled artistry!


19) How to Make Large Paper Flowers

Transform your event decor with these vibrant DIY paper flowers! Perfect for baby showers or birthdays, follow the step-by-step instructions and templates to craft stunning flowers in three sizes.

This DIY craft project would help you make large flowers of paper, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your celebration. Let your creativity bloom with this simple yet impactful paper craft project.


20)Crepe Paper Peonies


Crafting crepe paper peonies is an enjoyable and rewarding process. This tutorial simplifies the art of creating these exquisite flowers, guiding you through each step to fashion life-like peonies from crepe paper.


With its detailed instructions and easy-to-follow techniques, this tutorial allows you to explore various color palettes and create stunning peonies, offering a versatile decorative element for bouquets, centerpieces, home decor, or as thoughtful handmade gifts.


21)Folded Paper Flowers



Here are some DIY flowers that will neither wilt nor require any water. You can easily make them from your old books or magazines that have paper with a little bit of stiffness.

No fancy tools needed, just grab some paper and unfold your creativity. Our step-by-step tutorial guides you through simple folds that transform ordinary sheets into vibrant bouquets. Perfect for last-minute decorations, playful gifts, or adding a touch of paper magic to your day.

22) DIY Paper Spider Mums


Spring is around the corner and what more can welcome the colorful season than these colorful flowers! You can easily craft these paper flowers by cutting a few fringes and folding it up into sunshine-bright flowers.


These feathery beauties add a touch of whimsical charm to any room, perfect for vases, wreaths, or simply spreading papery smiles. Grab your scissors, unleash your creativity, and let spider mums blossom year-round!


23)Painted and Microwaved Crepe Roses Tutorial


If you are looking to make very realistic looking flowers with the shades of nature, here is the right tutorial on how to make flowers from paper for you. These flowers are painted and microwaved to achieve the life- like appearance! This art isn’t a quick fling, it’s a slow process with vibrant colors and sculpted petals.


You will be fascinated as you watch crepe paper, paint, and heat converge to form captivating flowers, each one a testament to your patience and artistry. Ready to ignite your floral fire? Step into this tutorial and bloom.


24) Pretty Paper Flower Centerpiece



These delightful paper flowers are an easy bloom-and-boom project for any occasion! Mix and match your favorite scrapbook paper to create a theme fit for a wedding, shower, party, or simply to brighten Mom’s day.


Unlike fleeting real flowers, these paper beauties offer a lasting keepsake of your creativity and love. So, grab your crafting scissors and let your floral fantasies blossom!


25) Rolled Paper Flowers


If you’re interested in crafting roses without the need for cutting and gluing numerous petals, here’s a perfect DIY flower project for you. Simply cut a spiral and roll it up to create these elegant rolled flowers.


Attach them to twigs or branches, then display them in a vase to adorn your home or give as thoughtful gifts


As we conclude the post, may these tutorials on how to make flowers from paper be a source of inspiration for you to crafty lovely blooms that last all year round.

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