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10 Minute Table Runner Sewing Pattern

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Are you looking for table runner sewing patterns that blend with any style of décor? Then learn how to sew this easy table runner you can make in any fabric you want.


table runner pattern


This table runner can be a perfect addition to your furniture if made in matching fabric.



I have been short of table runners in my home and I was looking to buy some new ones. That’s when I paused and thought of making my own. I have designed this free table runner sewing pattern so that you can make them in the fabric you like to compliment your home décor during different seasons and festivals.


table runner pattern



This is the simplest table runner pattern you could find. All you need is to cut two fabrics and sew them together to get this awesome-looking table runner.


table runner pattern



Choose different fabrics on both sides to get a two-sided table runner. You may add trims like lace and rickrack along the edges to make it look more awesome and more vintage!


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10-Minute Table Runner Sewing Pattern


Supplies Needed:


Linen fabric, home décor fabric, or medium-weight cotton fabric in a desired print and color for the table runner upper and lining (make sure that the fabric width is 54- inches or more)- 1/2 yard each.

Rickrack, lace, or pompoms (optional)- 4.5 yards.

Sewing Notions.


how to sew a table runner

Cut your table runner upper piece, 52- inches long and 16- inches wide. Repeat with the lining fabric (here I have used the same fabric for the upper and lining. You may use a different fabric for the lining if you would like the table runner to be reversible).


how to sew a table runner

Keep the upper and lining pieces layered, with the right sides together, lining up the edges and pin all around.


how to sew a table runner

Fold the layer in half lengthwise.


Along the long raw edge, mark a point 4- inches from the top. Draw a line to connect the point to the top of the fold.


Cut along the line. This would make the ends of the table runner pointed. Repeat on the other edge.


This is how it would look once opened.


Leaving a seam allowance of 3/8- inch, sew around the edges, leaving an opening of about 4- inches to bring the right side out.



Cut off the corners and trim the edges.


Pull the right side out through the opening.


Poke the corners out and press to make it clean and crisp. Make sure to tuck the raw edges of the opening in while pressing.


Topstitch around the edge and your easy-peasy reversible table runner is ready.


Pin it for later here,


table runner pattern


Hope you loved my version of the table runner sewing patterns you can whip up in minutes! 

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