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Free Tea Towel Dress Sewing Pattern

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This is a tea towel dress sewing pattern, perfect for the holiday season. These beautiful hand towels hang perfectly on the oven door, refrigerator door, or anywhere else you may need to wipe your hands.


tea towel dress sewing pattern


These hanging kitchen towels stay secure with side ribbon ties. They add a nice decorative touch to your kitchen. They also make great gifts for the coming holiday season or any other occasion.


tea towel dress sewing pattern


tea towel dress sewing pattern


You can hang it around your appliance or drawer handle and tie the side ties to secure and to keep it within your reach. This tea towel dress pattern is the perfect solution for keeping your towels up where you can use them and off the floor.


Supplies Needed:

Medium-weight cotton fabric in a desired print and color- 1/4 yard

Store-bought tea towel-1

Lace or rick rack- 13 inches.

Double-fold bias tape- 1/4 yard.

3/4- inch gross grain ribbon- 68 inches

Sewing Notions.

Pattern Template.

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Gather your supplies.


Fold the fabric with the right sides together and place the template on the fold. Mark around it and cut to get the yoke part of the tea towel ready. Repeat to get the lining piece.


You will get your yoke and lining pieces like this.


It would look like this once the folds are open. You may now mark the waist as seen on the template to avoid confusion later.


Keep the towel yoke and lining pieces layered, with the right sides together, lining up the edges.


Pin around the edges, leaving the waist part open on both sides.


Sew around the pinned edges (marked by the yellow line).


Clip the corners and the edges to reduce the bulk in the seam.


Pull the right side out through the opening.


Press to make it clean and crisp.


***Three of the pictures below are for illustration purposes.


Next, take the boas tape, place it above the neckline, and press to make it go around the neck smoothly. Keep the ends of the bias tape overlapping by 1/2 inch and cut off the extra.


Sandwich the neckline of the yoke between the folds of the bias tape and clip all around.


Sew along the edge of the bias tape all around to finish the neckline.


Take the lace and cut it into two equal halves. Keep the ends of the lace folded by 1/2- inch and Place it along the sleeve edge. Topstitch over the lace to secure. Repeat on the other sleeve edge.


The yoke is done. We move on to the towel part.


Take the towel and cut it into two halves widthwise.


Next, tun the upper thread tension of your machine to zero and the stitch length to the longest to get a basting stitch.


Sew a basting stitch along the upper raw edge of the towel.


Pull the thread from the bobbin gently and gather the towel. Adjust the gathering to make it uniform and match it with the waist edge of the yoke.


Sandwich the upper gathered edge of the towel between the towel yoke and lining, along the waist edge and pin.


Turn the machine settings to normal.


Sew along the pinned edge to join. Repeat with the other towel piece on the other waist edge.


Cut your gross grain ribbon into two equal pieces and heat seal the ends.


Line up the ribbon, covering the waist seam, leaving equal lengths on either side of the towel. Pin along the waist to hold. Repeat on the other waist.


Sew along the two edges of the ribbon to secure. Repeat on the other waist.


Your tea towel dress is ready for use!


Find the webstory for the post here, Dress Up Your Kitchen: Free Tea Towel DIY

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tea towel dress sewing pattern

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Friday 14th of July 2023

I love making these. This pattern is different than the one I usually make so I'm happy!


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Saturday 1st of April 2023

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Saturday 25th of March 2023

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