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DIY Burlap Cutlery Holder

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These adorable DIY burlap cutlery holders are perfect for your Thanksgiving table setting. These trendy burlap cutlery holder pockets are the perfect table decor for this holiday season.


diy burlap cutlery pocket (5)


diy burlap cutlery pocket (5)


Now you can create a chic rustic table setting to compliment your vintage or country-themed holiday decoration with this burlap cutlery holder.


diy burlap cutlery pocket (5)



Designed from burlap fabric in a charming natural tone, and gorgeously accented with delicate white lace, our DIY burlap silverware holder combines style with service in a most elegant way.


Supplies Needed:

  • The requirement given below is for one cutlery pocket.

Burlap piece- 6” x 14’

One-inch lace- 7”

Burlap string- 12”

Hot glue gun.

Sewing notions.


Gather your supplies.


Cut your burlap to a 6” x 14” piece.


Cut your lace to a 7” piece.


Zig-zag one of the shorter edges of the burlap to finish.


About 1- inch from the finished edge, place the lace piece straight and pin along the long edges.


Secure the lace to the burlap by sewing along the two long edges.


Fold the burlap by 4.5- inches, with the lace side up, and clip on both edges to hold.


Zig zag all around the holder to sew the pocket down and to finish the edges.


Make a bow out of the burlap string and glue it just above the center of the lace. And lo! Your burlap cutlery pocket is ready!


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diy burlap cutlery pocket (5)

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