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The Easiest Eye Glass Case Sewing Pattern

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Can you believe you can make an eyeglass case using your dinner plate as a template and some fabric? Yes, I’ve whipped up the easiest eyeglass case ever! It’s so easy, compact, and as simple a DIY as ABC.


eye glass case sewing pattern (1)


how to sew an eye glass case


No template required, no need to spend a fortune on fabric, and no extensive sewing skills required. All you need are some fabric scraps, interfacing, and your very own dinner plate!


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how to sew a cross body bag


Supplies Needed:

1/3 yard of medium-weight cotton fabric for the eyeglass case outer.

1/3 yard of medium weight cotton fabric in a coordinating color for the lining.

1/3 yard of medium- weight fusible interfacing.

Sewing Notions.

A dinner plate, approximately 10.5- inches in diameter.

KAM snaps.


Gather your supplies.


Place the dinner plate on the main fabric and mark around the plate. Cut along the marked line.


Cut similar pieces from the interfacing and the lining fabrics.


Fuse the interfacing on the wrong side of the main piece, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Fold it equally in half to mark the diameter.


Open the circle. 1- inch from one of the ends of the diameter, draw a line approximately 6- inches long.


Next, layer the lining and the main piece with the right sides together and pin all around, leaving the area beyond the marked line.


Sew around the pinned edges to join, leaving the area beyond the line. Make sure to reinforce the stitches at the start and end.


Clip the edges to reduce the bulk in the seam.


Bring the right side out through the opening.


Tuck the raw edges in and press to make it neat and crisp.


Topstitch around the edges, sewing the opening shut.


Fold the two sides of the circle, starting from the corners of the straight edge and upwards. Put clips to hold.


Sew along the edge of the two folds to secure.


Attach the KAM snaps following the instructions in the manual and your eye glass case is ready for use!


Pin it for later here,


how to sew an eye glass case

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