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Paper Towel Roll Minions Craft

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Want to have some playtime with a crafty twist? Gather your supplies and get ready to go bananas with this new tutorial! This quick and easy paper doll is sure to provide some entertainment.


minions kids craft


minions kids craft


minions kids craft


Minions are popular cartoon characters loved by many kids for their adorable appearance and playful personality. Follow this tutorial to make your very own minion paper doll.


Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock Paper
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • White
    • Blue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue
  • Pen marker
  • Toilet paper roll (cardboard in the toilet paper)


Gather the supplies.


Prepare the body of your minion by tracing the circumference of the toilet paper core on a piece of cardboard.


Cut the circle you traced.


With the use of hot glue, cover the end of the toilet core with the circle cutout.


Cut the yellow cardstock paper according to the size of the paper toilet core. This will be the skin of your minion. Cover the toilet paper core with the cut yellow cardstock paper with your glue stick.


Let’s now create your minion’s jumpsuit! Cut a square from your blue cardstock paper.


Apply glue stick to the square cutout then attach it to the bottom edge of your minion.


Now, cut two long and narrow rectangles from the blue cardstock paper. ‘


Glue the first rectangle to the bottom edge of your minion.


Glue the other rectangle above the blue square.


You should come up with this.


Draw stitch lines on the blue cutouts attached to your minion with the use of your black pen marker.


After finishing your minion’s jumpsuit, let’s now make your minion’s eye with their iconic goggles! Cut a thin rectangle from your black cardstock paper. This will be the strap of your minion’s goggles.


Then, cut two small circles from the black cardstock paper


From your white cardstock paper, cut 2 smaller circles.


Glue the white circles in the center of the black ones.


Glue the rectangle to the upper area of your minion for the goggles. Then, attach the eyes above the rectangle. Make sure to provide distance between the two circles.


Draw your minion’s eyes on the white circle with your pen marker. Do not forget to put on a smile on your minion!


Create the spikey hair of your minion by cutting a spikey shape from your black cardstock paper.


Glue your minion’s hair on the inside of the toilet paper core.


To create your minion’s arms and hands, cut two identical yellow rectangles and two black ovals. Glue the ovals on the ends of the rectangles then fold the opposite end of the rectangles.


Attach the folded area of the rectangles on the sides of your minion under the jumpsuit. Your minion is now ready for great fun!


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minions kids craft

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