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How to Sew a Skirt in Just 15 Minutes

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Have a look at these cute little skirts. Would you like to learn how to sew them? Well, here I am with a tutorial on how to sew a skirt in just 15 minutes.


How to sew a skirt


Though I am an advanced seamstress and I sew complicated things from home décor to baby and children’s clothing, I am always on the lookout for simple sewing projects that can be made quickly. These kinds of projects give me instant gratification and I would be happy I designed something for my beginner-level readers!


How to sew a skirt


This is the simplest skirt you will find on the internet. It is made from just one rectangular piece of fabric and a piece of elastic.



Pompoms and lace are optional. You can still make the skirt pretty if you sew it with pretty fabrics. I have given the measurements for 5 sizes. You may make them in any size you want. Just add 2.5- inches to the length of the skirt you would like and double the waist measurements to cut the rectangular fabric piece from which it is made. For the waist elastic, you can take it just 1 inch less than the waist.


If you would like to see all my baby patterns in one place, click on the picture below:



How to Sew a Skirt in Just 15 Minutes


Approximate Finished Lengths


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Supplies Needed

Medium-weight cotton fabric for the skirt- refer table- 2 below.

 ¾- inch elastic for the waist- refer table-2 below.

Sewing Notions.

Cotton lace or pompom lace (optional)


Material Requirements





In the table below, “L” stands for the length “W” stands for the width of the fabric piece to be cut.


Gather your supplies.

Gather your supplies.


Cut your skirt piece, referring table-3 above.


We start with the casing for the waist elastic.


Fold one of the long edges by 3/8-inch and press. Fold again by 1- inch and press repeat pressing.


Next, we press the hem.


Fold the other long edge by ½- inch twice and press to set.


Let’s sew the side seam ( there is only one seam).


Open the folds for the waist casing and the hem. Fold over the fabric piece with the right sides together and aligning the edges. Sew the side seam shut.


Fold the waist casing back and sew along the edge of the fold, leaving a gap of about 2- inches to insert the elastic.


Take the required length of the elastic and insert it through the opening using a safety pin.


Keep the ends of the elastic overlapping and sew back and forth a few times to join.


Sew the opening in the casing shut.


Next, fold back the lower hem along the crease and sew down the hem to finish.


How to sew a skirt

Our skirt is ready. You may go on and add your trims if you wish!




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Monday 3rd of July 2023

This is such a sweet pattern. I just love the plaid version and multiple size choices. Thanks for sharing.


Tuesday 5th of July 2022

I wish you included patterns for older girls/teens

Amali balasuriya

Friday 29th of April 2022

Very beautifull