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How to Make Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Looking for rustic Christmas tree decorations? Then here are cute rustic ornaments you can make with your leftover scraps and pieces of Cardboard.


How to make rustic Christmas ornaments


These rustic ornaments are great to create a warm and inviting holiday décor for your home. Be sure to use Christmassy fabric to make it feel like Christmas.


How to make rustic Christmas ornaments


How to make rustic Christmas ornaments


They’re so easy and inexpensive, you can make a number of them in an hour. You can also make them as handmade gifts and bring sparkle to your loved ones’ eyes.

Here I have used a few leftover scraps of plaid fabrics from my earlier sewing projects. You may choose any fabric you like but make sure to choose something in Christmassy colors and prints to bring in the spirit of Christmas!

So, let’s go straight away to the tutorial.


How to Make Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments


Supplies needed:


Fabric scraps in desired colors for the ornament main.

A few white fabric scraps for the tree applique.

Jute twine- a few yards.

Golden string- a few inches.

Template for the Christmas tree ( you can easily draw one by hand as I did!)

The lid of a jar, approximately 3-inches in diameter to cut out the circles.

Glue gun.

Fabric Glue



Gather your supplies.


Cut two cardboard circles, approximately  3-inches in diameter ( use the lid of the jar you have gathered).


Cut your fabric scraps to an approximately 5- inch circle.


Place the cardboard centered on the wrong side of the fabric and make a few cuts around the fabric. Apply glue along the underside and start gluing the fabric to the underside of the circle.


Glue the whole fabric to the underside of the cardboard.


Cut the Christmas tree design on the fabric ( here I chose the white)


Glue it to the center of the ornament, using fabric glue.


Cut a piece of jute twine wrap it around the circumference of the ornament and glue it to secure.


Take a small length of the jute twine, make a bow and glue it to the top of the ornament, in line with the tip of the tree applique.


Next, take a piece of the golden string, about 4-inches long, fold it, and glue it at the back of the ornament, just behind the jute bow. This is to hang the ornament on the tree. Our rustic Christmas tree ornament is ready in minutes.


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