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10 Minute Christmas Tree from Cardboard and Jute Twine

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I am back with another awesome project for Christmas. This is again a new idea that sprang up in my mind, while I saw the leftover willow balls and the wooden balls from one of my earlier projects.


DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree (6)


This is a fun and easy way to decorate your home for Christmas. It is also one of the cheapest ways you can decorate your home from things that can be purchased from Dollar Tree.


DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree (6)




This Christmas craft idea is again a craft activity that you can try with your kids. It is fun and interesting to watch how a few straight pieces of cardboard get transformed into awesome-looking, rustic style Christmas trees that can adorn your home for the holidays!


Supplies Needed:

Cardboard Pieces.

A few yards of jute twine.

Willowballs, straw balls, thermocol balls, and wooden balls in various sizes – 12 numbers ( the number may vary according to the size of the balls).

Wood Slice ornament- approximately 4.5- inches in diameter.

Glue gun.

Masking tape.


Gather your supplies.


For the tree body you will need:
10-inches long and 2 – inches wide- 2 pieces.
6- inches long and 2- inches wide- 1 piece.
 For the stand on which the tree is mounted, you will need 4 cardboard pieces, 2- inches wide and 3- inches long.


Tape the cardboard pieces for the tree together, using the masking tape.


Start wrapping the jute twine neatly around the taped cardboard.


Keep wrapping the twine till your reach the other end and hot glue the end of the twine to secure.


Hot glue the free ends of the cardboard together to form a triangle-shaped tree.


Arrange the willow balls and the other balls inside the tree in a way that is pleasing to the eye and use hot glue to adhere.


Making The Stand


Take two of the cardboard pieces for the stand and glue them along the long edges.


Keep gluing the remaining pieces along the long edges to form a box-like structure. This is the stand on which the tree would be glued.


Wrap the jute twine around the stand glue the ends to secure.


Glue the stand to the bottom center of the tree. Again hot glue the wood slice below the stand and your rustic style Christmas tree I ready.


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Oluwatomisin Ayanbode

Saturday 11th of December 2021

Wow I actually did it and my family loved it🥰