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How to Make Mason Jar Lantern in 10 Minutes

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So, just when I thought I am done with all my craft ideas for Christmas this year, a new idea sprang up in my mind. It is a mason jar Christmas craft you will all enjoy.


diy mason jar lantern


I was just walking around my kitchen and these short mason jars caught my eye. These are not the regular-sized ones. But I love their shape. I had a few artificial leaves and berries leftover from my Christmas hoops project and some awesome-looking lace from my sewing tutorials. So, I gathered all this and gave life to this mason jar lantern.


diy mason jar lantern


diy mason jar lantern


This mason jar craft idea was so easy, I could whip it up in 10 minutes. I have just used jute string, berries, lace, and artificial pine leaves for decoration. You may also use small cones or glitter balls and add more beauty to the design.


Supplies Needed:

Small mason jar.

Lace ( about 12 to 15 inches in length, depending on the girth of the jar)

Artificial pine leaves.

Christmas berries.

Jute string.

Glue gun.


Gather your supplies.


Wrap the lace around the jar and cut it, leaving 1/2- inch extra.


Apply glue along the short edge of the lace, wrap it around the jar and glue the ends together to secure.


Wind the jute string around the neck of the jar a few times and tie it in a bow.



Next, tie a bow around the berry bunch and glue it above the leaves.


Glue the leaves to the jar.


Place your candle inside the jar and light it. Lo! Your mason jar lantern is ready!


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diy mason jar lantern

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