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DIY Christmas Ornament from Glitter Foam

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Learn how to make glittery sparkly Christmas ornaments easily with this DIY tutorial. Do away with the store-bought glitter balls, here is something you can customize according to your liking. You can make it in any color you want. You can even mix and match colors to get a colorful Glitter Ornament.


DIY Christmas Ornaments


DIY Christmas Ornaments


These glitter balls are so easy to make that after some practice, you can make a number of them in an hour. So come on, grab your supplies and let’s get started with this fun DIY project.


Supplies Needed:

Glitter foam in the color of your choice.

Glue gun

A round lid of a container more or less than 2-inches in diameter.

Some yarn or string to hang the ornament.

Ornamental buttons or beads to glue the yarn onto (you will need just one for one ornament. Increase according to the number of ornaments you are making)


Gather your supplies( here I have used glitter foam in two colors; blue and white.


Take the foam, turn it over to the wrong side and mark the circles by pressing the lid over it. You will need 4 circles from each color.


Mark your circles under the white foam too.


Cut out the circles.


You will need 4 from each color. You can increase the number of circles for a fuller ornament.


Fold the circle in half, with the glittery sides together and press using a warm iron ( take care not to set the iron temperature to high heat to prevent melting of the foam). Similarly, press all eight pieces.


Take one folded blue piece, apply hot glue along the edge and the inside of the semi-circle, and glue the white piece to it.


Next, apply hot glue along the white piece and glue the next blue piece.


Keep gluing the folded circles in alternating colors till all 8 are glued together.


Next. Apply glue along the edges and the inside of the last piece and bring the first piece to join with the last.


Your Christmas ornament is almost ready.


Next, we make the hangings.


Take a piece of yarn or string, 4- inches long, and glue both its ends to the underside of the button.


Glue the button to the top of the ornament and your glitter Christmas ornament is ready.


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DIY Glitter Ornaments

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Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

These ornament would be great for the grandkids to make when they visit . THANKS FOR POSTING .