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How to Make DIY Christmas Gnomes

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Would you like to make cute and mischievous gnomes within 15 minutes for this Christmas? Well, you don’t need a lot of things to do so. All you need is a tissue paper tube, felt sheets in red and beige colors, a piece of faux fur, and a glue gun.


diy felt christmas gnomes


diy felt christmas gnomes


diy felt christmas gnomes


This DIY Christmas gnome is again a craft that can be tried by your little ones also. This is again a very fun tutorial, that you can enjoy making with your family. I love how it turned out in the end, it looks so lovely and perfect for Christmas decorations!


If you would like to make glitter ornaments for Christmas all by yourself, click on the picture below:


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How to Make DIY Christmas Gnomes


Supplies Needed:

A sheet of red felt for the gnome hat.

A sheet of beige felt for the gnome body.

Faux fur for the gnome beard.

Tissue paper roll tube.

A glitter sticker in star shape ( I cut one out from my glitter foam)

One white pompom for the nose.

Glue gun.


Templates. * Enter your e-mail address and click the subscribe button to download the template.



how to make DIY felt gnomes

Gather your supplies.


Cut the tissue paper roll tube to 2.5- inches in length.


Cut the pieces for the gnome body (you may need to increase the length of the piece if your tissue paper tube is plumpier), gnome hat, and beard using the templates given in the attached PDF.



Apply hot glue along one of the short edges of the body piece and start gluing it to the tissue paper tube. 


Tightly roll the felt around the tube till you reach the other end of the felt. Apply hot glue along the other end of the felt and glue it to secure.


Hot glue the straight edge of the beard along the upper edge of the gnome’s body.


Apply glue along the straight edge of the gnome hat piece, roll it to form a cone, and glue it to get the gnome hat.


Next, apply hot glue along the upper edge of the gnome body and attach the hat to it.


Glue the nose just below the hat in line with the tip of the beard. Glue the star at the tip of the hat and your Christmas gnome is done!



Pin it for later here.

DIY Christmas Gnome

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Sunday 20th of November 2022

Hi Surayya,

Thank you for the cute gnome instructions - I will be making them for the children in our neighborhood.

The little houses are cute, too but way beyond my patience level.



Sunday 5th of December 2021

I love your Christmas gnomes . I will be making a few of these for sure .