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How to Make a Snowflake with Paper

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Are you ready for the perfect Christmas craft? Then learn how to make a snowflake with paper in minutes. This DIY paper snowflake tutorial is simple to make and is great to decorate your Christmas tree on a budget.


How to make Christmas snowflakes


This is a DIY paper Christmas snowflake ornament for you. It is a very simple Christmas craft project that can be made with a piece of cardstock, scissors, and a glue stick. This DIY tutorial will teach you how to make a paper snowflake in no time!


diy paper snowflakes


diy paper snowflakes


I have made these snowflakes with cardstock to make it easy for kids. If you need a shinier and brighter snowflake, you can easily replace the cardstock with glitter foam and use a glue gun in place of gluestick!


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How to Make a Snowflake with Paper


Supplies Needed:

Cardstock in a desired color- 1 sheet.

Glue stick or Elmer’s glue.


Pen or pencil for marking the lines.



Gather your supplies.

The snowflake is made of 6 petals. Let’s start making them.


Cut your card stock into 2.5” x 2.5” squares.


You will need 6 of them.


Fold the squares in half along the diagonal.


Draw a line, 1/4- inch from the fold and parallel to it.


Next, mark points, 1/4- inch from each other, starting from one edge and along the entire line. Draw lines perpendicular to the base of the triangle, starting from the marked points.


Cut along the lines, leaving the marked line at the top.


Open the square and it will look like this.


Turn the square over to the other side. Fold the strip from either side over to the center and glue the tips of the strips together with the glue stick.


DIY paper snowflakes

Turn the petal over to the other side and glue the tips of the next line of the paper strips (picture for illustration purpose).



DIY paper snowflakes

Repeat the steps till you glue the last line of the paper strips together.


DIY paper snowflakes

Similarly, get the 6 petals of the snowflake ready.


Let’s glue the petals together.


Take two petals, apply glue at the base and along the sides. Glue the stalk together.


how to make a snowflake with paper

Glue the third petal in a similar way.



how to make a snowflake with paper

Glue the remaining three petals to get another set as shown above.



how to make a snowflake with paper

Glue the two sets together and our snowflake is ready! Tie a string at the end of one of the petals and you can hang it on your Christmas tree.


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DIY Paper Christmas Snowflake

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Sunday 21st of November 2021

Danke für die schönen Anregungen zum Basteln mit den Kindern. Wir werden einige davon umsetzen. LG s Sigrid


Friday 19th of November 2021

That is so much easier than it looks and it looks excellent. Perhaps some glitter could be added over the upper areas. Very clever. Thank you for sharing