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DIY Christmas Village Houses

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So, as I have announced earlier, today we start with the first of the 7 craft projects for Christmas. It is a simple DIY Christmas village house project you can make to spruce up your holiday decor or as gifts for your loved ones.


DIY Christmas Village Houses


If you would like to make a DIY Christmas village on a budget, this free tutorial is just right for you! These Christmas village houses would be far more fun and interesting than just displaying the store-bought ones.


DIY Christmas Village Houses


DIY Christmas Village Houses


DIY Christmas Village Houses


Well, here I have cute little Christmas village houses to be displayed above your fire mantel or even hang on your Christmas tree, with a ribbon strap attached. The houses are made with glitter foams and hot glue. They are so easy that you can easily make them in minutes. Little hands can also join to have some crafty fun for the Christmas holidays!


Supplies Needed:

Glitter foam in two colors, one for the wall and chimney and the other for the roof and windows.

Glue gun


Templates. * Enter your e-mail address and click the subscribe button to download the template.



Gather your supplies


Cut the pieces for the walls, roof and chimney using the template from the PDF.


 Cut one long strip, 1/4- inch long and cut it into small pieces, measuring the windows from the template.


Let’s first put the walls together


Take the wall front piece and apply hot glue along the lower edge ( on the wrong side). Take the floor piece and glue it to the lower edge of the front piece. Gently press to secure, making sure to keep it straight.


Glue the two side walls in the same manner.


Take the front wall and glue it to the assembled set.


Let’s move over to the windows.


Apply hotglue along the window lines, referring to the template and start gluing the strips for the window strips.


Complete the windows referring to the template.


We move on to the roof.


Fold the roof piece in half widthwise.


Apply glue along the slanting edges of the front and back walls and glue the roof to the top of the house, making sure that the fold in the roof and the corner of the walls fall in line.


Next, we make the chimney.


Take a foam piece for the chimney. Apply glue along the inside and roll it till the other end. Apply glue along the other edge and secure it.


Cut off one end to make it slanting.



Glue it to the top of the house (on one of the sides) and you are done!


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