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Fun and Festive Christmas Cricut Sewing Projects

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Ready for Christmas? Learn how to make some really fun Christmas Cricut Sewing Projects as well as a few that you don’t have to sew at all. All of these holiday crafts are simple to do and great for any level of crafter. You can even have the kids join in on some of the crafting fun. 



Christmas Cricut Sewing Projects


Being able to use your Cricut machine to create crafts and various items is always a lot of fun. The Cricut machine is quite impressive in what it can do and what better time to test out the skills than when you’re ready to create all things holiday-related.


Thanks to the Internet and the plethora of crafters, I was able to find 21 different Christmas Cricut crafts that you’re going to love. You’ll find that they’re all unique in their own way and are certain to add a fun appeal and look to your home this holiday season. They would also make really great gift ideas as well. 


Fun and Festive Christmas Cricut Sewing Projects 


Monogrammed Placement Stockings


Christmas Cricut Sewing Projects



When it comes to the holidays, you can never have too many stockings. You can easily pick whatever fabric you want for these stockings and make them unique and fun. 


Baking Set With The Cricut




One of the best holiday gifts is to personalize a baking set. You can be clever and funny and put down anything that you want. This is a great gift idea for family and friends as well as a white elephant exchange, too. 


Christmas Gift Bag 




Why waste wrapping paper when you don’t have to? Using your own DIY gift bag that you can personalize just makes it that much more of a special gift. 


Easy Christmas Stockings 




Whip up these simple Christmas stockings easily. Hang them from the mantle, the tree, or anyone else that is certain to catch Santa’s eye. 


Simple Christmas Banner 




Everyone needs a simple banner for the holidays! This Christmas banner is crazy easy and is a fun way to add some holiday cheer. 


DIY Christmas Potholders 




Making your own potholders that are Christmas-themed seems like the perfect holiday craft! Keep those hands from getting burnt! 


Front Door Wreath Tags



The front door needs a holiday touch, too! These holiday tags would look great on your front door wreath. 


Hot Cocoa T-Shirts



Themed shirts are the best. These hot cocoa shirts prove that it’s always time for hot cocoa. 


Fun Holiday Pillows



Fun holiday pillows are a must! Just use these pillows as a simple decor for the holiday season and then put them away for the next year when you’re done. It’s really as simple as that. 


Holiday Leather Hair Bows 



Show off your Cricut skills and make up these hair bows. They’re super fun and super cute. 


3D Felt Christmas Tree



Felt Christmas trees are great because they’re last forever. This tree might be small and tiny but the 3D effect makes it unique and really fun as well. 


Christmas Decorations 




You’ll find a lot of great ideas for Christmas decorations here. Choose one or choose them all but have fun during the creative process. 



Christmas Treat Boxes




These treat boxes are fun and easy to make and are a great way to hand-deliver those holiday treats. Everyone would love getting one of these treat boxes for Christmas packed full of your favorite dessert recipe. 



Multi-Seasonal Monogrammed Frame




This fun frame gives you the chance to change it out for every holiday easily. This means that you can be festive for Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and all the rest as well. 


Cricut Glitter Vinyl Ornaments for Teacher Gift




Have a teacher in your life? This glitter ornaments are just what they need. Everyone loves getting a new ornament to add to the tree and this one is designed specifically for teachers. 



Felt Christmas Trees




This tree is different than the other on this list because this one isn’t 3D. And besides, you can’t ever really have too many Christmas trees up for the holiday season. 


Wooden Christmas Sign 




Making your own wooden Christmas sign is an easy way to have a reusable sign year after year. All you need to do is prep it, print, and put it on the wood. It’s really just that simple. 


DIY Christmas Ornaments 


Never stop making your own ornaments to decorate the tree! They’re not only fun and beautiful but they’re memories that you’re going to cherish for years as well. 


DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments 


Another round of Christmas tree ornaments? Yes, please! These ornaments are fun to make and would look great on any Christmas Tree. 


Winter Door Decor

There’s always room for another banner in the house. This one goes on the door and is smaller in comparison but still looks great. 


Reindeer Hot Chocolate Ornament 

Quite possibly the cutest DIY ornament, ever. You may not want to give it to anyone else after you make it and see how sweet it is. 


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What do you think of these 21 Christmas Cricut Sewing Projects? I found a good variety and I hope that you find the time this holiday season to make some of them! 

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Friday 23rd of October 2020

THANK YOU !!!! I am very excited about the opportunity you gifted to us inexperienced Cricut wanna-be people with these projects. I just purchased a Cricut Explorer 2 and I did not know what to try to do for even my first project. It is a bit intimidating to see all the things others create. I’ve even thought about returning the Cricut. NOW I am ready & excited about finding what I want to create 😊


Saturday 24th of October 2020

Thank you, it made my day!