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Child’s Poncho Sewing Pattern ( Color block Poncho)

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This is a child’s poncho sewing pattern with a color block design. This is a fun and easy pattern that you will love to sew!



Child's Ponche Sewing Pattern



I am somebody who loves color blocking and I love to incorporate it into my designs as much as I can. I have earlier done a color block fingerless mitts and even a color block dress for little girls. But today, I am here with something different, something unique, a color block poncho.



Child's poncho sewing pattern



This is a designer style child’s poncho sewing pattern that you will love to make and your child would love to wear. The sewing pattern would suit toddlers as well as older kids alike.


Just mix and match fleece fabric according to your liking and you are ready to go.


Child's Colorblock Poncho Pattern



I have seen my sister who is a crocheter designing striped ponchos. In fact, she has made very many striped ponchos. I was always trying to bring the design into my sewing world and here I am with the easy DIY poncho sewing tutorial.



Colorblock poncho sewing pattern



Maybe you are thinking that color block designs are hard and you can’t do it. But this poncho sewing pattern is so so easy, that even a very beginner can do it. You just need to cut strips of fleece and join them together. No neckline to be cut, no buttons to be sewn, just straight line stitches.


Here I wanted to whip up a quick- sew poncho so that I could release it for you all to sew for Fall and so I have used the fleece pieces from my stash. You can mix and match colors according to your liking.


 Brown, beige, and cream fleece pieces color-blocked together would be the best for Fall. You can also use light pink, dark pink, and brown as I have used it for the fingerless mitts. Greys and blues mixed together would also look great. I am not a very great fan of mixing prints for color blocking but you can go ahead and try that if you like it.


Instructions for sewing with fleece:


Use a straight stitch or a narrow zigzag stitch.


The longest stitch length works the best with fleece.


Stitch slowly and carefully without stretching the fleece.


You may use a regular sewing machine needle.


If you would like to sew more fleece sewing patterns, click on the picture below:




Child’s Poncho Sewing Pattern


Supplies Needed:


Polar fleece fabric in three coordinating colors- refer table-1 below. I have used polar fleece for my poncho, you may use other fabrics like flowy sweater knits or even jersey knits.

 Sewing Notions.


Fabric Requirements:


  • Pinch to zoom for mobile users.




  • You may not need the full width of the fabric requirements given below for the poncho, the remnants can be saved for later use. You may use fat quarters for smaller sizes till 3T.
  • The table below shows the requirement for one of the colors of fleece. You will need the same amount from the remaining two colors.




Child’s Poncho Sewing Pattern

Gather your supplies.




In the table below, “ L” stands for length and ‘W” stands for the width of the fabric strips to be cut.

  • Note that two of the strips that come along the ends of the poncho are less wide compared to the ones that come in the middle.






Cut your fleece strips from the three fleece fabrics. You will need two from each.


Arrange the strips in the way you would like. I arranged them alternatingly. Here the navy blue strip at the top and the lilac one at the bottom are the end strips.


Take two adjacent strips, layer them with the right sides together, and aligning the edges. Sew along one of the long edges to join.


Let’ join the next strip.


Open the joined pieces and place the next strip on its raw edge ( following the earlier arrangement) again with the right sides together and edges aligning. Sew along the edge to join.


The joined strips will look like this once opened.


Repeat with the remaining strips to get a large color-blocked square piece like this.


Trim the seam allowance to reduce the bulk.


Press the seams flat with a warm iron ( * Be careful to not raise the temperature of your iron box to prevent the fleece from melting or getting distorted).


Fold the square piece diagonally in half. At this point, if the edges don’t align, you can cut off the extra to get a perfect square.


Cut along the diagonal line to get two equal triangular pieces.


Neck Opening:





Layer the two pieces with the right sides together and fold it again in equal halves. Mark “A” inches from the center on either side ( referring to the table-3 above) and put pins to mark the points.


The part in between the pins is the neck opening.


Sew both sides shut, leaving the neck opening. Make sure to reinforce the stitches at the start and finish. *You may try it on your child and increase or decrease the width of the opening, the way you prefer.


Let’s hem the neckline.


Make a small slit in the seam on both sides, at the point where you have started the stitches.



Fold the raw edge of the neckline towards the wrong ide by ½- inch and sew down the hem.


Next, we cut the fringes.



Cut off a 3″x 3″ square of fleece from all the four corners.



Cut the fringes ½ -inch wide and 2-inches long, all around the edge of the poncho (you can make the fringe size smaller or larger according to your preference).


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That is it about my color block child’s poncho sewing pattern for toddlers and older kids. Hope you will have fun sewing it!

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