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Fruit Paper Fan Craft for Kids

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How do you like these fruity paper fans? The watermelon fan and the citrus fans? Don’t they look fun and colorful? Aren’t you tempted to make them yourself?


fruit paper fan craft


These DIY fruit paper fans would be great summer crafts for your kids. They can also be great fun crafts with popsicle sticks and paper for adults too!


fruit paper fan craft


This summer, keep your kids engaged in crafting these cool and colorful paper fans. Cut paper pieces, glue them here and there, give a few touches with the coloring pens and lo you have colorful paper fruit fans ready.


fruit paper fan craft


fruit paper fan craft


These fruit fans are made by attaching popsicle sticks to paper. Do away with the popsicle sticks, glue the ends of the fan together, and lo you get colorful fruit fans for a fruit theme birthday party!


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Fruit Paper Fan Craft for Kids


Supplies Needed:

Red cardstock paper- Two A4 size sheets.

Dark green and light green colors- One A4 size each.

Popsicle sticks 7- inches long- Two.* You may need four if you are using a shorter one and you glue two together to get a long one).

A small piece of yarn or embroidery floss in a matching color to tie the fan along the center.

Black coloring pen.


Glue stick.


Gather your supplies.


**You will be making the fan by joining two papers, folded in accordion style.


Cut two 8 x 8-inch pieces from the red cardstock paper.


Cut four strips, 8- inches long and 0.5- inches wide from the dark green and light green cardstock paper.


Glue the dark green strip along the top edge of the red piece.


Glue the light green strip just next to it.


Repeat on the opposite edge.


Draw the seeds spread along both edges with your coloring pen. Leave the middle part free.


Repeat on the other red piece, with the remaining green paper strips and the coloring pen.


Next, we need to fold the fan, accordion style.


Start folding the paper in accordion style from the edge that has no paper strip glued.


Keep folding till the whole paper is done.


Repeat on the other piece.


Glue the two pieces together along the long edges.


Take a piece of matching yarn, and wrap it around the center of the fan quite tightly. Cut off the ends of the yarn.


Apply glue along the edge and glue them together to complete the shape of the fan.


My glue stick was just 4 inches long. So I glued a part of another one to make it 7- inches long.


Take your popsicle stick and glue it along the free edge, starting from the center.


Repeat on the other free edge.


Your watermelon paper fan is ready!


Citrus Paper Fan


For the citrus fruit fan, you need:

2 orange or yellow strips for the fan body.

4 white paper strips, 0.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long.

4 white strips 0.5- inches wide and 7- inches long.


Take the 7.5- inch long paper strip and glue them along the two opposite edges, leaving 0.5- inches on the sides as shown above.


Glue the two 7- inches pieces as shown above.


Fold the two main pieces in accordion style and glue them together.


Tie the yarn along the center and repeat the steps as shown in the watermelon paper fan above.


Pin it for later here,

fruit paper fan craft

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