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DIY Mini Christmas Trees with Yarn

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Learn how to make cute little DIY Christmas trees using yarn with my easy DIY tutorial. This is again one of the Christmas crafts I enjoyed doing. I had a few yarn balls leftover from my earlier knitting projects and I wanted to put them to use. This miniature Christmas tree came up just as the right project.


diy yarn christmas tree


diy yarn christmas tree


diy yarn christmas tree


diy yarn christmas tree


You can make these yarn trees in various colors to make your Christmas displays colorful and fun. These are again one of the DIYs that can help you decorate your home on a budget.


Supplies Needed:

You will need crochet or knitting yarn in colors of your choice.

A few tea light candles, depending on the number of trees you want to make.

Glue Gun

Floral wire.

Cardstock to cut your template.

Small plier.

Template. * Enter your e-mail address and click the subscribe button to download the template.



Yarn Christmas tree DIY

Gather your supplies.


Cut two templates for the tree using the PDF given here.


Keeping the end of the yarn away from the template, start winding the yarn from around the middle of the template.


Keep winding the yarn around the template till about 1/2- inch from the narrow end of the template. There should be a few rounds of yard wound over the template.


Cut off the remaining yarn.


Take a piece of floral wire double the length of the template and a little longer than that.


Place it over the yarn on either side.


Arrange the yarn neat and straight and remove the templates from between the yarn, one at a time.


Press the wire tightly with the plier.


Take your scissors and cut your yarn loops on both sides.


It will look like this.


Start twisting the tree to twist the wire inside the yarn. Continue downwards till the bark. You will need to twist it multiple times to make the tree look bushy.


Take your scissors and trim the yarn to shape it like a Christmas tree.


Cut off the wire leaving about 1.5-inches from the base of the tree.


Take the tea light candle and insert the twisted floral wire into the wax, along the center of the candle. Your DIY Yarn Christmas tree is done!



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DIY mini yarn Christmas tree

Sharing is caring!


Monday 28th of November 2022

I loved it.


Monday 28th of November 2022

Thank you!


Sunday 28th of November 2021

merci beaucoup un bricolage à faire avec des enfants Bon dimanche Chantal