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Easter Bunny Pillow Box Craft

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Are you looking for an easy craft to do along with your kids for Easter? Here is an Easter Bunny candy box made from a toilet paper roll that you would love!


easter bunny treat box craft


These bunny-shaped pillow boxes are perfect for Easter Parties, birthday parties, school parties, Easter egg-hunting parties, and more. You can use them to pack your chocolates, cookies, fudge, candies, and other Easter treats.


easter bunny treat box craft


The Easter Bunny candy box has a good closure to prevent the chocolates and candies from falling off. They are also easy to carry.


easter bunny treat box craft


To make these Easter crafts with toilet paper roll, you simply need to cut the ears,  make a few more cuts, glue some paper and add the eyes and nose with a coloring pen. If you want to create them in various colors, just use different colors of cardstock paper, shape them into a paper roll, and follow the same steps as you would with a toilet paper roll.


If you would like to have a look at a fun paper Easter egg tutorial, click on the picture below:


paper easter egg craft



Easter Bunny Pillow Box Craft

Supplies Needed:

Paper roll- 1. * Here I have used the large paper roll that we use in the kitchen to get quite a large candy box. If you are using a toilet paper roll, you will need to cut the ears and make the remaining cuts smaller than the measurements given here.

Light pink cardstock paper- 1 sheet.


Glue stick.

Craft knife.

Black coloring pen.


Gather your supplies. * I cut the tissue paper roll to 7″ in length for the perfect-looking bunny.


Draw two bunny ears, roughly 3- inches long and 0.75- inch wide in the middle. Leave a gap of at least 1- inch between the ears. Cut out the ears, leaving the base of the ears attached.


Cut off two thin strips, 1- inch wide from the sides of the ears.


Next, let’s make the candy box closures.


Leaving roughly 0.5- inch from the top, draw a small curve on the strip in between the ears and cut along the curve. Your closure flap on the front is ready. This is to be inserted on a wide flap to be cut along the back.


Turn over to the back side of the tissue paper roll. From edge to edge, draw an inverted “U”, 1.5- inches high. Cut along the curve and discard the outer part.


Cut a 0.75- inch wide slit along the middle of the curve.


Fold the large curve over to the center. Next, fold the small curve over to the center and insert the curved end through the slit for closure.


Draw two bunny ears on the pink cardstock paper and cut them out.


Glue them along the center of the ears.


Similarly, cut two circular pieces for the eyes and glue them to the candy box.
Draw the nose and the whiskers with your coloring pen.


Press the tissue roll slightly flat with your palms to form a pillow-shaped box. Turn over to the back and fold the lower edge in.


Turn over to the front side and again press the lower edge in.


Cut out a semicircle from the pink cardstock and glue it for the mouth. Your Easter Bunny candy box is ready!


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easter bunny candy box craft


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