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5 Minute DIY Clothespin Candle Holder

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Would you like to make a rustic candle holder in 5 minutes? Then here is the easiest candle holder you can make from things around your home. All you need is a mason jar lid, a few cloth pegs and a few inches of burlap strings to make this DIY rustic candle holder.


DIY Clothespin candle holder (1)


DIY Clothespin candle holder (1)


These candle holders make for perfect centerpieces on coffee tables, kitchen countertops, dining tables, mantels, or any tabletop, infusing a chic shabby style into any space. Moreover, if you prefer not to use them as candle holders, they can also double as charming plant holders for small plants!


DIY Clothespin candle holder (1)


Perfect for Gift Giving: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or holiday celebration, this vintage-style candle holder is an ideal present. It serves as a fantastic addition to vintage home decor or a rustic centerpiece.


Supplies Needed:

Wooden clothespins.

Lid of a mason jar.

Burlap string.


Gather the supplies.


Take one clothespin and clip it along the rim of the mason jar lid.


Take the remaining clothespins and clip it close to each other, without leaving gaps.


Continue all around the rim, till you get it like this, without space in between the pegs.


The inside of the holder would look like this.


Take the burlap string and tie it around the middle of the holder.


Tie it in a bow to secure and trim off the extra.


Place a small candle or a tea light candle on the inside and your holder is ready for display or gifting !


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how to make a clothespin candle stand

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Friday 8th of December 2023

Can you buy just mason jar lids anywhere ? I don’t want to buy a ton of jars just to get the lids !


Friday 8th of December 2023

I think I would put the burlap string right on the metal park of the clothes pin, just to hid it or even hot glue some type of ribbon over it ! Maybe even paint the clothespins to match decor in which ever room you put it in !