Doll Shorts Sewing Pattern, American Doll Shorts Pattern.

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Doll shorts sewing pattern.


doll shorts sewing pattern
easy american doll shorts pattern

This is the cutest bubble shorts pattern, that can be seen for an American 18-inch doll. The pattern comes with an elasticized hem version and a hem-tie version. Contrasting fabric can be used for the waistband and hem to create cute little dolly shorts!

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Doll Shorts Sewing Pattern

Materials Required

  • Fabric Scraps for the doll shorts.
  • Contrasting strips of fabric for the waistband and elastic casing.
  • 3/8 -inch elastic- 22- inches.
  • Shorts Template.


The fabrics shown here are only for illustration purposes and as such may vary from the original.

The seam allowance is 3/8-inch unless otherwise specified.

I suggest you read the entire pattern once before starting to get a general idea.

All seams are to be finished by zigzag or serger.



Cut the pattern template for the doll shorts at the end of this pdf. Keep two pieces of the shorts fabric layered, with the wrong sides together and place the template above it. Mark and cut around the template.



You will get the leg pieces of your shorts like this.



Cut two fabric strips; 11- inches long and 2- inches wide for the elastic casing along the hem. Also, cut one fabric strip, 18 & ½-inches long and 2- inches wide for the waistband.



Take the required strips for the elastic casing, fold the two longer edges towards the wrong side by 3/8 -inch and press. Fold it again in half lengthwise and press once more.



Open the folds and line up one of its longer edges along the lower edge of one of the shorts piece, on its wrong side and pin. Sew the casing to the shorts, removing the pins as you go.



Fold the casing over, along the center crease, towards the right side of the shorts, keeping the fold along the edge intact and pin. Sew it shut along the edge of the fold. Repeat the steps on the other leg of the shorts.



Take the two pieces for the shorts and layer them with the right sides together and aligning the edges. Sew along the curved edges to join.



Take a piece of 3/8-inch elastic, 5.5 -inches long and insert it through the casing, using a safety pin. Secure the ends of the elastic by sewing back and forth, a few times (picture for illustration purpose). Repeat the steps on the other leg.


Attaching the Waist- Band.



Take the waistband piece, fold the two longer edges towards the wrong side by 3/8-inch and press. Fold it again in half lengthwise and press once more to set.



Open the folds and fold it in half widthwise, aligning the edges and sew it shut along the shorter side.



Place the waistband on its wrong side, above the shorts, which is kept on its right side and slide the shorts into the waistband. Align the raw edges of the two together and pin all around.



Sew along the edge to join.



Fold the waistband over to the wrong side of the shorts, along the center crease, keeping the fold along the other edge intact and pin all around. Sew the waistband shut along the edge of the fold, leaving a small gap of about 1- inch to insert the elastic.



Take 11- inches of 3/8-inch elastic and insert it through the opening in the waistband. Keep the ends of the elastic overlapping and sew back and forth to join.



Sew the opening in the waistband shut.



Our shorts are done!

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  1. Sandy
    July 3, 2020 / 1:56 am

    Hey. Just found your website and I think you are really generous to offer free patterns. With that said…I was wondering if you offered the tied leg version for the bubble shorts for dolls?
    Also ,can you tell me what the cute ruffled top is that the doll is wearing with the shorts. You only show the back. Is the pattern available? Thank you again.

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