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20+ DIY Cloth Headbands

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DIY Cloth Headbands


If you have a girl child, I am sure you would like to dress her up and you might have used plenty of hair accessories to do so. Well, dressing your little one up in matching hair accessories add glitz and glam to any outfit she wears, be it a baby, a little girl, or a teen.

You may also like to make cute cloth headbands for yourself to keep your hair away during your beauty sessions at home, during your workout sessions, or as ear warmers.

Here you will find a collection of DIY fabric headbands, that will help you make hair accessories for yourself, your baby or your little girl. They can be great handmade gifts too.


20+ DIY Cloth Headbands You will Love

1) The Best Ear Warmer Headband


The Best Ear Warmer Headband Pattern from Apple Green Cottage


Let’s start with a very simple one, the ear warmer headband. This is a good DIY headband sewing pattern, that actually stays in place, protects your ears in wind, and is very comfortable.


2) Girl’s Headband


Girl’s Headband from Sewcraftyme


Compliment your little girl’s designer outfit with this matching fabric headband and let her look stunning this season. This is a double-sided DIY hairband sewing pattern that can be made with your leftover fabric scraps.


3) Easily Interchangeable Headband


Easily Interchangeable Headband from Polkadot Chair

This is one of the easiest headband tutorials you will find. This DIY on how to make a headband uses a plastic headband and fabric scraps to help you make interchangeable hair accessories for different occasions. This headband takes just 5 minutes to make and is easy even for a beginner seamstress.


4) Simple Baby Headband


Simple Baby Headband by Heather Handmade

Do you want a headband soft enough for your little baby? Then here is a simple bow headband tutorial for you. This is an easy DIY project that actually stays in place on the little bald head and is accentuated by a cute bow.


5) DIY 10- Minute Turban style Headband.

DIY 10 Minute Turban Style Headband from Heather Handmade


If you want to learn how to sew a quick fabric headband for yourself or any little girl in your life, here is a 10-minute project for you. This is a turban style headband which is so cute and easy that you can’t stop making just one!


6) Knot- Bow Headband


Knot- Bow Headband from Coral and Co

Sew these cloth headbands which can look adorable on any girl. This is a knot-bow headband pattern that can be made in four different sizes.


7) Woven Knot- Bow Headband


Woven Knot- Bow Headband from Coral and Co

If you would love to learn how to sew a headband in different colors and prints, here is the right sewing pattern for you. This a knot headband pattern designed for woven fabrics. You can make it using your Cricut maker (if you have one) or even without it.


8) Athletic Headbands


Athletic Headbands by Swoodson Says

Use the leftover knit scraps, that are otherwise hard to make something with, to make simple athletic headbands for you. This is a very simple headband tutorial to start with if you are a beginner with knit fabrics.


9) Ruffled Flower Headband


Ruffled Flower Headband from Sewcraftyme


This DIY fabric flower headband tutorial will show you how to make your own pretty fabric flower headband in minutes. This pattern comes with options to make the flower in three different sizes.


10) Fabric headband


Fabric Headband from Sewcraftyme


This is the perfect headband to keep the hair out of your face while adding a touch of style. With just a  few quick steps involved, this project is sure to delight beginner and experienced seamstresses alike. This cloth headband can be sewn in a wide variety of fabrics like cotton, eyelet fabric, chiffon, and even knit fabric.

11) Quick and Easy Headband


Quick and Easy Headband from So Sew Easy


If you are looking for a scrap-busting project, then this is the right project for you. This tutorial on how to make a headband involves very little sewing and is easy to whip up, which makes it great as a handmade gifts or items to sell.


12) Knit Bow Headband


Knit Bow Headband from Sew Not Perfect


Add fun and flair to any outfit your little one wears using this knit bow headband sewing pattern. This DIY  tutorial will help you make headbands that have a comfortable fit and a store-bought feel.


13) Moon Kitty Headband


Moon Kitty Headband from Choly Knight

This is again a cute DIY Fabric headband pattern that you can download free In PDF format. This DIY headband pattern has tiny kitty ears for that extra something. You can even sew it plain for a more classy look.


14) Repurpose T-Shirts into Braided Headbands


Braided Headbands from Make It and Love It


Learn how to make a headband from repurposed old t-shirts and you will definitely fall in love with it. These cloth headbands are stretchy, cozy, and soft. This DIY  tutorial involves very little sewing and can be made in kid and adult sizes.


15) Tulle Pouf Headband


Tulle Pouf Headband by Melly Sews

Put your leftover tulle scraps to use and make this awesome tulle headband for yourself or your little one. This is an easy DIY headband tutorial that involves a bit of hand sewing.


16) Easy Knit Flowered Headband


Easy Knit Flowered Headband from Melly Sews


This is an excellent way to use up your old t-shirts. The t-shirt can be cut into strips and shirred in the middle to get the knit flower. This tutorial uses a fold-over elastic, which makes it easy to whip up.


17) Lace Headband


Lace Headband from Melly Sews

If you have been fascinated by 1920s fashion, this DIY lace headband is the right hair accessory for you. This sewing tutorial involves a little hand sewing and very little machine sewing to put it together. This easy headband sewing project is one of my favorites!


18) Knot Headbands


Knot Headbands from The Girl Inspired


This tutorial on how to sew cloth headbands includes directions to sew knotted hair accessories with knits and wovens. They are made from one long piece of fabric and the woven headbands come with an elasticized back design.

19) Feather Headband


Feather Headband from Me Sew Crazy

This feather headband is not only adorable but also completely on trend with what is available in the stores. This is an easy DIY headband that can be made even by your kid.


20) Unicorn/ Narwhal Earflap Headband


Unicorn/ Narwhal Earflap Headband Pattern from Me Sew Crazy


Yet another ear warming DIY Fabric headband that would help combat the wind. You can opt for a plain one for a simple and quick- sew or opt for cute animal horns like Narwhals or Unicorns for a fun headband.


21) DIY Glitter Rose Headband



DIY Glitter Rose Headband from Polkadot Chair

This is a very simple DIY headband that can be made even by little kids (with your supervision of course). This tutorial involves very little sewing and looks cute enough with satin flowers and glitter ribbons.



22) Olympics Rosette Headband


Olympics Rosette Headband from Skip to My Lou


This is a headband tutorial with rosettes,  representing the Olympic rings. You can also make it in different colors and change the number of rosettes to make headbands for different occasions.


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