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10 Minute Plastic Bag Holder Sewing Pattern

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Learn how to sew a plastic bag holder in minutes with this easy sewing pattern. The pattern is designed with elastic for the upper and lower closure to make it easier for use. You can mix and match different fabrics to make beautiful plastic bag dispensers for yourself or as handmade gifts.


Plastic bag holder sewing pattern


So what is it that looks like an elongated toffee? It is a plastic bag holder that you will love sewing.

There are tones of pinteresty patterns that are quick to sew. But this one is different; useful and ornamental.  You can make it in matching colors with your kitchen towels and potholders to make a great-looking kitchen.


Plastic bag holder sewing pattern


Plastic bag holder sewing pattern


how to sew a plastic bag dispenser




This sewing project for a plastic bag holder is so easy that once your fabric pieces are cut, you can make it in almost 10 minutes. This is again one of the patterns that I recommend beginner seamstresses to try.


If you like to see more things to sew for your home, click on the picture below:



10 Minute Plastic Bag Holder Pattern


Cutting Dimensions:

Main plastic bag holder piece- 14” wide x 17” long.

Panels along the top and bottom of the plastic bag holder- 5” wide x 14” long.

Loop- 1.5” wide x 5” long.

1/4- inch elastic-  6” (cut 2).


Cut your fabric pieces, referring to the dimensions above.


Take one of the panels for the plastic bag holder. Fold one of the long edges twice by 1/2- inch and press to set. Sew the fold down along the edge. Repeat on the other panel.


Next line up the raw edges of the two panels, along the short edges of the main plastic cover holder piece, with the right sides touching and clip the edges together.


Sew along the two clipped edges using a 1/2- inch seam allowance. Zigzag the edges to prevent fraying.


Next, we make the loop for hanging the holder.


Take the fabric piece required for the loop, fold the two long edges towards the wrong side by 3/8- inch, and press. Fold it again in half lengthwise and press once more. 


Sew it shut along the edge.


Fold the strap in half, lining up the short edges to form the loop. Pin it along the middle of the holder, at the top edge, as shown above. Sew the loop to the holder.


Next, we insert the elastic.


Fold the seam towards the main holder piece and sew a straight line along the edge of the seam allowance to make a casing for the elastic. Repeat on the other side. 


Take the required length of the elastic and insert it through the casing on either side. Secure the ends of the elastic by sewing back and forth a few times.


Fold the bag holder over, with the right sides together, lining up the edges, and sew it shut as marked.


Turn it over to the right side and you have your plastic bag dispenser is ready for use!


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how to sew a plastic bag holder

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Thursday 23rd of November 2023

I have been looking for a pattern like this, my mother made all the Girls in our family one. Mine is old and worn out.


Friday 11th of November 2022

On the part where you say to "line up the raw edges of the two panels, along the short edges of the main plastic cover holder piece, with the right sides touching and clip the edges together" does the large piece face up or down? I cannot tell here because you are using a plank piece with nothing on the other side to it.


Saturday 12th of November 2022

Yes, the large piece is placed face up.


Tuesday 3rd of May 2022

It appears that there is a lining piece on this project.. I do not see it in the pattern pieces to cut or how to incorporate it into the pattern when sewing. Could you please clarify the instructions for me so I can make this project.. I follow you and make many of your patterns!


Tuesday 3rd of May 2022

Thank you for taking interest in my patterns. There is no lining for this plastic holder.