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How to sew a reversible doll dress in 15 minutes

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It has been a while since I designed doll dresses. I have been busy designing and sewing masks and other items helpful to combat the pandemic we are facing today. But this week, I wanted to sew something to make my mind lighter, something small, cute, and colorful. That is when the idea of a reversible doll dress came up in my mind.


How to sew a reversible doll dress in 15 minutes


You may have a little girl who loves to dress up her dolls. But store-bought ones are expensive and the little ones are never satisfied with the doll dresses they have. You may be an expert seamstress but you may not have time to sew a lot of them. Well, here is a doll dress sewing pattern that offers the perfect solution. This pattern can help you sew a two- in one doll dress in no time


How to sew a reversible doll dress in 15 minutes


This is also the perfect sewing project for a beginner seamstress who fears sewing curved seams. This DIY tutorial on how to sew a reversible doll dress has just a few straight line stitches and is perfect for a very beginner. Replace the shoulder straps with gross grain ribbon and you can make it in just 15 minutes.




This sweet little doll dress pattern can be made from just two rectangular pieces of fabric. You may opt for a clean and simple hemline or add trims like pompoms, rickracks, or lace. Just change the width of the fabric pieces to be cut and you can make it as a maxi dress or as a top. So come on, let your creative skills awaken and make cute little outfits for your little one’s dolly wardrobe.

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How to sew a reversible doll dress in 15 minutes


Supplies Needed:

Two light or medium weight cotton fabric pieces in a coordinating color and print for the dress body and lining- 29- inches long and 9.25- inches wide.

Four fabric strips 12- inches long and 4- inches wide for the straps ( Optionally you may replace them with 3/8- inch wide grosgrain ribbon with the same length).

3/8- inch elastic- 10.5- inches long for the chest.


How to sew a reversible doll dress

Cut your dress pieces, strap pieces, and elastic.

Let’s call the pink side of the dress as “ dress outer” and the white as “dress lining” for convenience.


How to sew a reversible doll dress

Take the dress outer, fold one of the long edges by ½- inch towards the wrong side and press.


How to sew a reversible doll dress

Repeat on the dress lining.

The folded edges form the hemline of the dress.

Let’s do the straps.


How to sew a reversible doll dress

1) Take one of the strap pieces, fold the two long edges towards the wrong side by ½- inch, and press to set.
2) Fold one of the short edges also towards the wrong side by ½- inch and press.
3) Fold in half lengthwise and press once more.
4) Sew the strap shut along the folded edges.

Repeat to get the other three straps.

Let’s sew the side seams.


How to sew a reversible doll dress

Fold the dress outer with the right sides together, aligning the edges, and sew the side seam shut. Repeat on the dress lining. *Make sure to keep the folds along the hemline intact while sewing.


Turn the dress outer to its right side. Pin two of the straps along the raw edge of the dress front, 4.75- inches from the sides. Note that your straps should extend the raw edge of the dress by ¼ – inch. Repeat on the back of the dress outer. Sew the straps to the dress.


Next, we sew the dress outer and lining together.


Keep the lining on its wrong side, with its folded edge facing the dress outer. Place the dress outer on its right side, with its upper raw edge facing the lining. Slide the dress outer into the lining.


Rearrange the two pieces such that the seams of the two come in line. Align the raw edges of the two together and pin all around. Note that the straps are now sandwiched between the dress outer and lining.


Sew them together along the pinned edges.


Flip the dress lining over to its right side. You can see the right side of the dress outer and the straps too.


Push the lining into the dress outer.


Align the hemline of both the pieces together and press the upper edge of the dress taut.


Topstitch 1/8- inch from the seamline to make it neat and crisp. Sew another straight line, ½- inch from the first, leaving a gap of ¾ -inch to insert the chest elastic.


Lift the dress outer up and insert the elastic through the gap in the casing, using a safety pin. Keep the ends of the elastic overlapping and sew back and forth a few times to secure.


Topstitch the gap shut.


Next, we finish the hemline. You may either align the two folds along the hemline together, pin and sew it shut or add trims as directed below.


Take your trim 30- inches long, sandwich it between the hemline of the dress outer and lining and pin all around. The edges of the trim should be kept overlapping while pinning.


Sew the trim to the dress, removing the pins as you go.


How to sew a reversible doll dress

Your reversible doll dress is done!


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kriya sawant

Saturday 6th of February 2021


kriya sawant

Saturday 6th of February 2021

I think besides putting photographs you should post video so it would be easy to understand .🙏


Saturday 9th of January 2021

Thank you for such a nice pattern 😊 I looked but, I didn’t see, what size doll this dress is for? Thank you


Tuesday 9th of March 2021

It is an 18- inch American Doll dress pattern.

Maria Luisa

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Hello! I wanted to ask if you know whether it would be possible to (additionally to the elastic at the top of the dress) add an elastic at the waist, so as to make it minimally more "fitted" on the doll? I would be very grateful for a reply, despite not being sure whether this is the right place to ask within the comments? Thank you very much! This is an adorable dress!


Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Yes, you can. Try inserting the chest elastic first and then move on to the waist.