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Easy and Quick DIY Bow Hair Clips for Girls

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How much do you love these tiny bow clips? Would you like to make them to match your little one’s dress? All you need is some leftover scraps from the dress fabric and a pair of alligator clips. That makes it both budget-friendly and eco-friendly.


DIY Fabric Bow Hair Clips



When my girls were little, I would always make these matching clips for them to wear with any outfit they chose. Fast forward a few years, and I still make them for other kids.


DIY Fabric Bow Hair Clips




Here, I’ve provided the measurements for cute mini bow clips. You can adjust the measurements to create bow clips in different sizes


Easy and Quick DIY Bow Hair Clips for Girls


Finished Size

Approx finished size of Bow: 2- inches x 1-inch


Gather your supplies.


Cut:                                                                                               1) Main piece 4.5-inches long x 2.75-inches wide.
2) Center piece 2.75-inches long x 1- inch wide.


1) Take the main piece, fold one of the long edges by 1 -inch and hand- press to secure.
2) Fold the other long edge by ¾ -inch and hand- press to secure.
3) Put an alligator clip to hold the folds.


Next, fold the two short edges by 1& ¼ -inch towards the center and secure them using an alligator clip.


Pinch the bow along the center to gather it. Thread your needle and wrap the thread around the center a few times to secure the gathers.


Tie the end in a knot and cut off the thread.


Hot glue the alligator clip on the underside of the bow, along the center.


Take the center piece, fold the two long edges towards the center by 3/8 -inch and hot- glue to secure. Fold it in half again and again secure it using hot glue.


Apply hot glue along the center of the bow and start wrapping the center piece around it from the top.


Apply hotglue along the underside of the center piece, open the alligator clip and insert the it through the inside of the clip, underside the bow. Close the clip to secure.


Cut off the extra and hotglue the end neatly to the underside of the bow.


Your bow hair clip is done!


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DIY Fabric Bow Hair Clips

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