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American Girl Doll Chair DIY

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american girl doll chair diy


Earlier, I had posted a tutorial for an American Girl doll table and I had promised an American Girl doll chair DIY. With slight additions to the doll table, you could easily make a doll chair.


american girl doll chair diy


The seating part of the chair is more or less like the table. You just need to learn the backrest part.


american girl doll chair diy


This popsicle stick table and chair are easy to make. They are perfect as kid’s craft too! The kids can complete the project in minutes.


how to make american girl doll chair


Here I have used plain popsicle sticks, you can use colored ones for a more vibrant doll room.

American Girl Doll Chair DIY


*6- inches long Popsicle sticks- 26 numbers

*Hot glue gun

how to make american girl doll chair


Gather your supplies.




Arrange 7 popsicle sticks neatly, one below the other, with the shorter edges in line.



Apply hot glue in a line on both the sides of the arrangement, as shown above.



Place two popsicle sticks flat on the glue and press to secure.

We move on to the legs.



Take two popsicle sticks and make an “X” with it. The sticks should cross each other at their midpoints. Repeat with two other sticks.



Dab a pearl of hot glue at one of the ends of the sticks and place another stick above it. Flip it over and glue another stick, matching up the first and sandwiching the tip of the “X” in between the two.



Repeat to get the second leg.



Apply glue on both the sides of the seat.



Place the leg on the glue and press firmly.



Repeat with the other leg.


Our doll chair base is ready. We need to do the backrest.



Arrange 7 popsicle sticks in a line and apply hot glue on both the sides of the arrangement, just as we did for the seating part of the chair. Place two popsicle sticks on the glue, but this time don’t lay it flat, lay it sideways. Also, take care to place the sticks in such a way that it extends the arrangement by a tad more than half an inch.



Apply glue in the gap formed on the side part of the seat and carefully insert the extended part of the backrest into it. Handpress to secure.


Your American Girl Doll chair is ready!

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Sunday 10th of January 2021

We made this today. I purchased my sticks at the dollar store, colored ones. I should have purchased the plain ones.The chair and table were easy to assemble & super cute. Colored sticks were too flimsy for 18" dolls. I will make more. Thanks for the instructions. Looking forward to making more of your furniture.