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Mommy and Me Apron Sewing Pattern

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Learn how to sew matching aprons for yourself and your little girl with this adorable ruffled apron sewing pattern. This mommy and me apron pattern is a fun way to use up your fabric scraps!
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Little girls love to join hands with their mothers while cooking. Add some extra flavor to those fun times by sewing these matching ruffly girly aprons for you and your little one.


She would love to wear a matching one with you while learning her cooking skills. Moreover, these aprons can render those special moments colorful and joyous. They are easy to sew and can be done with your leftover scraps of fabric.


If you love to sew a matching chef hat for yourself and your little girl, click on the picture below:


 Mommy and Me Apron Sewing Pattern


Materials Required:

  • Medium-weight cotton fabric for the apron body- 1/3- 1/2 yard, depending upon the size you are making
  • Medium weight cotton fabric in four contrasting colors for the apron ruffles- measurements given in table-2 below (you can also use fat quarters or your leftover fabric scraps).
  • Medium weight cotton fabric for the apron ties- measurement is given in table-2 below.
  • Sewing Notions.


Approximate Finished Measurements.




All the fabrics used here are of 44/ 45 inches width.

The fabrics shown here are only for illustration purposes and as such may vary from the original.

The seam allowance is 3/8 -inch unless otherwise specified.

I suggest you read the entire pattern once before starting to get a general idea.

All seams are to be finished by zigzag or serger.




In the table below, “l” stands for the length and “w” stands for the width of the fabric piece to be cut.


1) The ruffle pieces are to be cut from the four different fabrics.

2) For all ages, you will need to join two pieces for the tie and for teens/adults you will need to join two pieces for the ruffle.




Gather your supplies.


Cut the pieces for the apron body, ruffles, and ties, referring to table-2 above.


First, let’s finish the edges of the apron body.


Take the apron body piece, fold the two side edges and the lower edge by 1/2 –inch twice and press to set.


Sew down the folds.

We move on to the ruffles.


Here again, fold the two side edges and the lower edge twice by ½-inch and press. Sew down the folds.


Zig zag the upper raw edge to prevent fraying.


Repeat the steps with the other three ruffle pieces.

Next, let’s gather the ruffles. For that, we need to turn the upper thread tension of the machine to zero and change the stitch length to the longest.


Sew a basting stitch, 3/8-inch away from the zig-zagged edge, leaving a long tail of thread, 7 to 8-inches long.


Pull the thread from the bobbin gently to gather the ruffle.


Repeat the steps on the other three ruffle pieces.


You will get your ruffles like this. I have kept them in the order I like to place them on the apron.

Let’s attach the ruffles to the apron body.





Draw a line from a distance of “A” inches from the top edge of the apron body, referring to table-3 above. Draw another line, at the same distance from the first line. These are the lines along which you need to attach the ruffles.


We first start with the lower-most ruffle.


Take the ruffle you would like to place at the lowest level, adjust the gathering to make it uniform, and match it with the width of the apron body. Pin its raw edge along the hemline. Sew it onto the apron body.


Take the next ruffle, adjust the gathering and pin it along the line above the hem. Again sew it onto the apron body.


Repeat the steps with the next ruffle, on the next line.
Take the last ruffle, adjust the gathering and place it along the top raw edge of the apron body and pin. Sew to attach.


Next, we move on to the ties.


Take the tie piece, fold its two longer edges and the two shorter edges by 3/8-inch towards the wrong side, and press. Fold it again, in half, lengthwise, and press to set.


We need to find the center of the tie and the top edge of the apron. Fold the tie in equal halves and mark its center. Use tape to find the center of the top edge and mark.


Insert the top edge of the apron into the ties by ½-inch, matching the center marks and pin all along, enclosing the edge in the tie. Continue pinning the ties closed on either side (note: take care to catch the fold underneath while pinning)


Start sewing the tie shut from the shorter edge. Continue sewing the longer edge shut, enclosing the apron edge in the tie and till the whole of it is sewn shut.


#sewing #pattern #apron #stitching #girls #women #easy #ruffled #tutorial

Cut off the hanging threads and our frilly girly apron is ready!


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I loved working on this ruffled apron sewing pattern. Hope you loved it too! Comment in the comment box below 🙂

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